Zebra Wall Decor: Animal Printing Pattern for Youth Wall Decoration

Talking about wall decoration is not simply only about floral or abstract pattern. Somehow you need mind refreshment through another inspiration from animals. Animal printing pattern becomes a trend among youngsters because it gives lively look. Without having to kill animals because you need the leather, you can still use animal printing products from synthetic leather. One of animal printing product we want to share here is the zebra wall decor.  Zebra is another favorite besides leopard, cheetah or snake leather pattern.

There are many products made of synthetic leather of zebra. The zebra wall decor has many products such as dripping color zebra wall decor. If ordinary zebra has white and black stripes, the dripping zebra wall decoration has colorful colors. This is a painting, the big one, with the picture of a zebra seems to have splashed with many colorful paints. The splash of the paints makes the shape of zebra body. This creative wall decor should be in your room.

Another product from zebra image becomes zebra wall paper. Wall paper can use the sticker form or the painting form. If you are about to have large wall paper, the painting one is recommended because you do not have to request for a large size of zebra animation sticker. This product is really suitable for early teenagers. The zebra wall decor comes up with the painting of a cute animated zebra. You can choose the safari theme. So there are other animals there.

The next, you can give the zebra leather colors in your small items like cushions, pillows, and curtains. For the zebra cushions, you can choose one cushion with monochromatic stripes or white color in one cushion and the black is separated in another cushion. The sofa can be in neutral or light color. If you want to give contrast, the sofa could be in pink or light blue. The zebra pattern curtains are also good for zebra wall decor.

The last one is the simplest product for zebra wall decor. This one is hanging on the wall and contains a photograph. You can search the available zebra photography or you can print it out by yourself. This is the simplest and the most conventional one because it has no improvement like in other products. This could be your choice if you’d love to. There are many other zebra wall decorating ideas. You can take a look in our catalogues for more samples of zebra pattern products.

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