Your Tiffany Lamp Shades Are History

The very first tiffany lamp shades created around 1895. It doesn’t make by machine product but by skilled craftsmen. It looks antique and exotic and perfect for rustic concept design. Antique tiffany lamp shades help everyone that loves a traditional and rustic design. It has some history designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. This concept has a popular stained glass lamp and considered as part of Art Nouveau movement. Hence, having a tiffany lamp is a must for your interior décor.

If you want to make a big difference with a friendly budget, seriously consider tiffany lamp shades, because it provides a fresh look but doesn’t need to change a lamp with a whole new light fixture. You could find many styles at online stores with reasonable prices. Lamp shades also can easily dress down as table or floor lamp. Lamp shades is purely for decorative and it is an important part for decorating any room such as living room, bedroom, etc.

You should decide your budget limit before start shopping or even decide in advance what kind of effect that you want for your house. Tiffany lamp shades only could make a great impact on you room. However before deciding to buy any tiffany lamp shades it is important to find out whether you need more light to a room if you want to keep the amount of light consistent. Because this way you can decide the style, fabric or shade shapes properly.

Lampshades mostly made by combination of paper and fabric, although many sophisticated tiffany lamp shades made by glass shades. It is often has an expensive price and also included as part of the lamp so it is difficult to alter. Paper and fabric are easier to clean, have more affordable price and also quick to swap out. So it is easy to say that fabric and paper materials are perfect for tiffany lamp. Sometimes a tiffany lamp prepared by using copper foil method.

A good lamp should provide plenty of light while block harsh light, that way a choice for density and color is very important. Most options were beige, white or gray because these color allow light to filter out as much as needed. Black shade great for romantic setting but doesn’t fit for reading. Drum, pendant and tiffany lamp shades are popular because they accommodate both rustic and contemporary styles. Make sure to have a right size so that it doesn’t look strange.

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