Wood Storage Bench with Baskets

Whenever you need storage to put your shoes or any extra goodies, then you should buy a Wood Storage bench with baskets. This is basically the kind of storage that is made from wooden, which has a great durability. The baskets are added to the storage to give more function into it, and make a unique appearance of the storage. Most of this kind of storage bench with baskets is finished beautifully with the solid wood such as walnut or cherry oak.

The best thing about this storage bench with baskets is that it’s inexpensive. You can actually purchase it with the amount of $200 up to $300. With that kind of price, you already get at least 21 inch in height and at least 50 inch in weight. This is a pretty big storage that it actually looks. You can put so many things inside the basket, and it’s easy to reach whenever you need it. The additional seating is available as it is basically made as a bench also.

You can put some cushions on the top of the storage bench with baskets to prettify it and also make it more comfortable. If you have this storage, then you don’t have to worry about where you will be putting it. As it is made from wooden, this wood storage bench with baskets will go perfectly with any kind of room design and décor. It can also be put in the entry way, filling the empty spaces of the small hall.

Some people put their storage bench with baskets in the living room, some in the bed room, and even in the bathroom. Its function gives limitless possibilities that allow you to place it wherever you need it. The storage bench is not taking many spaces either, and that’s why it is great furniture to have with. Usually, this bench will be put attached to the wall and near the doorway, especially when it comes to the entry hall where people use this bench to put their shoes either.

Storage bench with baskets consist of two or more baskets, and usually it is made from rattan. This material is chosen because it is very strong and can fit in so many goodies. These days, the design of this storage bench is very fancy, as you can see that there are some white benches with white cushion, or the wooden bench with the white colored rattan; unlike the conventional wood bench that’s mostly made in darker color.

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