Unique Shower Curtains for Creative Homeowners

Be different with unique shower curtains which are particularly different compare to common shower curtains. Creative homeowners will find the distinctive curtains that will make their bathrooms are more catchy and attractive. Then, here are some ideas for those creative homeowners on choosing the real unique curtains for their bathrooms.

Unique shower curtains are commonly marked as unique based on the patterns or pictures of the curtains. So, the first idea is the curtain with the unique picture of a woman that is holding a knife. Well, this is quite creepy actually, but still it is distinctive, so when you turn on the lamp inside your shower, people from the outside will see how the design looks so real. This kind of idea utilizes the shadow effect for the designs. You can try other patterns like the human revolution, woman with her pet, dog and other pictures which are so good in shadow shapes. Those funky shower curtains are not divine.

Unique shower curtains are also measured on how attractive the designs are. Usually, you can choose the common designs with unique pictures on it that make the curtains look cooler. Cool shower curtains are commonly with the attractive and imaginative patterns so the patterns look so real and alive. There are so many patterns from the natural themed patterns until the abstract themed patterns. Those cool curtains are so popular among teenagers since teens like something which is cool.

Unique shower curtains are also distinctive with the textures. You can find the unique curtains with the ruffles in all surfaces; make it looks so full and heavy. The ruffles and laces add the textures of course and it makes the curtains look like beautiful gowns rather than common curtains so it will make the bathrooms stand out more.

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