Types of Trestle Desk

As one of the variations of desk is the so called trestle desk. Furthermore there are as a matter of fact there are two different types of this desk to choose. Each one of the types has distinctive features over the other type. You may select one of the types accordingly regarding the decoration style of the room where the desk is going to be placed.

First type of the trestle desk is the antique type. This is considered to be the original form of this desk variation. It is commonly like a form of writing table. It offers such simple surface in flat state as the desktop. There are several drawers placed right underneath the top surface of the desk that could be used to store various things in accordance to the purpose of the table itself. Yet, writing table will be having four legs instead of just two legs like the trestle table type. The legs itself are designed to be able to be removed so that the desk could be moved easily. To be more precise, the two legs of antique type of trestle desk is having two feet right at the bottom so that in total it will have four feet. The common height of this desk is 29 inches right from the bottom level.

Another type is the modern type. In terms of the shape and also manufacture, at some points it has a kind of variation from the antique trestle desk type. Thus this type is often considered as a modern variation or improvisation from the antique type. The common style of this type is having a plank of a set of wood on two trestles. The modern type is considered as portable and also practical type of desk. There are several independent desk elements like rolling filing cabinet. This modern variation of this desk is considered to be popular several years back. There are many companies using this type of desk as the main desk for their employees. Following the popularity of modern style decoration, the modern type of trestle desk is gaining more popularity.

Those are the two types of this desk that could be chosen. Each one has its own characteristics so that each one of them is really worthy to be selected as a solution to the need of desk like a working desk. So, which one of the trestle desk types that you prefer?

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