Twin Sofa Bed for Everyone Living at Studio

Having a bed in your living room is a bit awkward. Especially for anyone who lives in studio it will be more awkward when the guest comes over and you naturally invite them into a bedroom. And things can get weird when you don’t have any intention to get intimate with them and it will be weirder even if you do. In this condition you never win. Try mitigating this situation by making your bed doesn’t feel like a bed. Twin sofa bed could make it up to you.

Now you realized that twin sofa bed save you from cringe worthy situation, it is impossible make your bed feel like refrigerator or even bathtub. So what possible is make your bed feel like second couch with twin size sofa bed. It is easy to keep them neat even when someone nearly comes over. Just put some cushions or tucked in some sheet, Viola! It feels like couch and it is comfortable also save your time. It just fit perfectly for a stylish studio or small home.

Twin sofa bed is great and perfect match for studio apartment. If you are lucky to have 2 bedrooms and want to have guest room and office at all once going for twin sofa bed chair is a perfect choice. You don’t really need to purchase one but still achieve a daybed. Just put bolster pillows to create an illusion of sofa back on the wall side. Use a bed cover with simple pattern so that your sofa bed doesn’t look too plain. Or you can try using striped sheets and it will give a more cushion-edge.

Still on studio apartment, you may doesn’t have idea and so clueless how to make a big couch, twin sofa bed, and guest room in your place? The beds must lock together so it is ideal for overnight guest. Used a twin bed covered with linen for living room sofa bed. If you add a long bolster at the back it will looks like an expensive sofa and make you comfortable and confidence to invite your guest.

You need to complete the looks of pseudo-twin sofa bed so that it disperses some loose change among all pillows. But never forget the true function of bed-sofa. Don’t let just anyone to crash on your couch. Make sure they have a petite figure, because you don’t want their crash ending with crushed. Well, it is not even funny.

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