The Storage Solution, 3 Drawer Nightstand

The beautiful furnishing so called 3 drawer nightstand is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that is placed in the bedroom. This small item can be used for decorative purpose but also for its functionality. There are various functions that a nightstand can bear. It can hold the items that you would like to reach easily such as the reading lamp, alarm or cell phone. If you are working as a doctor and when your phone rings, it would only mean that duty calls. Would not you want your phone to be placed somewhere that is within reach?

The drawers in the 3 drawer nightstand would serve as great storage for different items according to their classification as different drawers would mean different classification. The first may be for jewelry and make ups, the second may be for bed linens and the third could be for clothing. That classification would be your personal preference though.

There are two main wooden nightstand materials that are used to create the 3 drawer nightstand. They are the wooden timber and the composite woods. Because of its durability and quality, the timber nightstand is highly preferable. This nightstand can even be used for different generations as some of the best solid wood can stand the test of time. However, the price would be quite high and today it has been so high that many of us cannot afford because of the rarity of the timber itself after centuries of overused.

That is why, some 3 drawer nightstand is now made of lower quality wooden timbers that are inexpensive but would not be able to last too long. These are the woods that are categorized as the softwood. The examples of softwood are redwood, fir, cedar, pine and cypress. Even though the softwood is not as strong as the hardwood, but still they can last for a few years of daily use. Those which belong to the hardwood category are cherry, maple, ash, oak, pecan, teak and mahogany.

Sometimes, to create the affordable 3 drawer nightstand without sacrificing the quality, the furniture is made of combinations of wood. The combination may be both hardwoods, both softwoods or hardwood and softwood combined. For the last combination, usually the hardwood will make the exterior as well as the case, while the softwood will be used for the interior of the drawers and the case backing.

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