The Irresistible Charm of the Mid Century Desk

Do you have an eye to the mid century desk without you even knowing that it is a desk of the mid century period? Do you even know which period is called the mid century modern? It is roughly around the 1933 to 1965. The term that is used to describe the period is the mid century modern. However, this term is not only used to refer to the style of the furniture only, but also the architecture, and also art.

Almost a century later, the mid century desk has become more important despite of the arrival of so many modern furniture. The mid century modern pieces of furniture are at the resurgence point as they emerge as the choice of many households across the nation. Many of the buyers are willing to pay a lot of money to be able to put those furniture pieces at their homes.

What are the characteristic of mid century desk? When we look at the lines, we can see that the desks have clean lines and this is one of the most obvious and primary characteristic of the furniture. There are different ornaments that are often used for the desk such as the geometric shapes as well as the crisp swelling lines that are sharp. However, there were also different ornaments that were used before the 1950’s. Those are more elaborate and complicated, however they can also charm many people.

The colors of the mid century desk would usually be vivid colors. The most common color examples would be green, blue, red, yellow or even the combination with white and black. The designers of the period would like to show their desire of world peace and hope for better world idealism through the use of these colors. As for the materials, the furniture of this area usually use different types of wood than traditionally seen in the furniture use by many households. Instead, they designer of the mid century would prefer to use man made materials that are unique. The examples would be the use of plastic and also fiberglass.

The mid century desk usually are lighter in appearance but it does not mean that the furniture is worth less. Authentic furniture of the mid century modern would usually have the price to match the quality. The more expensive the price is, then the more it is aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable, more functional, and also created by more famous designers.

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