The Benefit of Choosing Pedestal Table on Your Interior Decoration

A pedestal table is when the table only has one stand to support the table. Though this style of table has been an old trend since the late 1970s, but indeed this kind of table has some benefit that can be useful when you need the feature that the pedestal table has to offer. There are some different shape and style of the pedestal table depending on the function of the table.

A pedestal table only has one stand it means that all of the sides of the table are available for anyone as long as the table fits with the chairs. It provides more room for the legs to move because it does not have 4 standings like the usual table has. This is a big feature benefit if you are having someone or elder people that have difficulty in pulling the chair and uses wheel chair in their daily activities. The wheel chair can be easily pulled towards the table.

The surface of the pedestal table can be in any shape like rectangular or rounded but the most common pedestal table is the round pedestal tale. The one stand gives a perfect support for the rounded shape of the table. While for the size, the pedestal table depends on the function of the pedestal table where a pedestal dining table is usually bigger a pedestal coffee table.

There is also a pedestal table with pier one which the pier usually used for serving foods so that the foods can rotate while the people are taking their portions of foods. This type of pedestal table is also making an elegant look when it is used as a dining table. The table looks beautiful because it has an elegant shape and look especially when combined with big and beautiful dining chairs.

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