The Advantage of Having Striped Shower Curtain

Shower curtain is one of the most necessary addition to the bathroom’s design, as it is usually used to cover and divide the bathroom into parts where we simply taking a bath or just doing certain things in the bathroom. But, this shower curtain can be a beautiful decoration as well that can give a lovely accents to the room, such as the usage of the striped shower curtain which is very adorable and beautiful.

Most people are using the striped shower curtain because it looks very fancy and lovely to have with. It can create a fun and enjoyable bathing experience with that kind of lovely decoration in the bathroom. There are so many design and color of the stripes that you can choose, and you can choose it depend on the mood of the room that you’re trying to build. It can also depend on the room style that you want to achieve through the bathroom’s décor and furniture.

Huge stripes and small stripes are the most common kind of this gorgeous striped shower curtain that people use in their housings. The huge stripes can give you a bold accent to the room, while the small one is more like the lovely decorations that you will need to compile and blend with the other furniture in the bathroom. Beside those stripes, there are also the colorful stripes, the diagonal stripes, the horizontal striped shower curtain which each of them consist of different color domination and combination.

We have to admit that this striped shower curtain is a clever design to make a bathroom filled beautifully with the decoration. The stripe can actually give an illusion that can make a big bathroom looking more filled and decorated nicely, while the small bathroom can be divided neatly with the usage of the gorgeous striped shower curtain. The combinations will be amazing if you have the plain colored bathroom wall combined with the matching color of the striped curtain and create a very fancy and modern look.

For a more fun look, you have to choose the colorful stripes with bright colors and put them in the bathroom that has the soft wall color (at least 1 tone lower from the dominated color of the curtains) and create a beautiful colorization. If you want to keep it sleek and simple, then you better choose the soft colored striped shower curtains combined with the plain color of the bathroom’s wall.

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