The Modern Room Decor: Glass Tile Flooring

Although glass tile is commonly used as a backsplash or used as wall décor, it doesn’t mean that the glass tile can’t be used for flooring! That’s right, by having the lovely glass tile on the floor, you can actually create lovely and amazing decorations on the top of it. Make your room looking more amazing than it has ever been, and make it unique as well with this glass tile flooring! You will get a fantastic result that you’ve never expected before.

This glass tile flooring is really suitable for the modern and the contemporary look of room decoration. Glass itself is very identical with simplicity and modernity in design, and commonly used to create a more modern sense in such space when it comes to interior designing. This is what we’re going to after as well if you’re installing some glass tile in the floor, as it will create a perfect style of the modern look on the room.

If you think that this glass tile flooring can be looking too much if you’re putting it in the whole room, you’re not wrong. That’s why; most people who use this glass tile flooring always combine the glass tile with the other materials. This thing is done to create a better composition of the room flooring, as the room flooring dined with the same pattern and colour in the whole room, but this glass tile can make a whole different look.

Whenever your room is big and spacious, then this glass tile flooring can be a great alternative to make an illusion of the room spaces. Furniture will also help, but the glass tile flooring is the ultimate room décor that can make it look unique, different, and make space look more precise. Combine it with the other flooring materials such as wooden, and choose the dark colour of wooden so it will make a lovely contrast with the bright glass tile colour.

Where do you should put the glass tile? Well, you can be creative by making a square space of the glass tile flooring in the middle in the room. There are shapes that you can try either, such as the round, rectangle, or even the diagonal glass tile flooring. Make sure you combine it with the lovely colour of wooden (as a softer material) or any other material that can soften the room in order to achieve the simple modern look room decor.

Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash

The only rule to decorate your kitchen is to make it comfortable and beautiful! That’s why you need some great elements in the kitchen that has an appealing look and also long durability. If you’re decorating your kitchen’s backsplash, then you better choose something that will make your kitchen looking more flaunting than ever, such as using the glass tile backsplash! It can give your kitchen a luxurious and amazing look to live with.

If you choose to have the glass tile backsplash, then you should know that there are so many kinds of this backsplash. As we know, the glass tile itself has so many colours, patterns, and texture that you can choose and they’re simply available in the market. You should choose the glass tile that is simply your kitchen’s whole look and theme because we can tell you that the kitchen’s look depends so much in this backsplash later on.

A mosaic glass tile backsplash is the kind of glass tile backsplash that we’re suggesting for you. Why? Well, you can see how beautiful the mosaic is once you install it in your kitchen! This kind of backsplash usually consists of so many colours which are contrasted to each other or even has a different range of shades in one mosaic. The size of each pattern is different as well, as there is small square mosaic or even the rectangle pattern of the mosaic that consist of different shapes of a rectangle.

What makes a mosaic a mosaic? It surely depends on how the shapes and colour are arranged in one tile. It can be arranged in one order, or even arranged in a disorganized order but still focusing on the colour’s composition. The mosaic glass tile backsplash that puts beautifully and suits the whole kitchen’s look can actually make the kitchen’s decoration looking flows from one element to another and blend beautifully into one unity. That’s why the use of glass tile backsplash can make a huge difference rather than the kitchen that’s not using the backsplash.

Another thing that makes this glass tile backsplash necessary is that it can protect the wall from any cooking dirt or residue. You may cook with splashing oil or even spoil any liquids but hey, your kitchen is still protected by the mosaic backsplash! It also creates an illusion that your kitchen is just as beautiful as it is although some dirt has already attached anywhere on it.

5 Refreshing Backsplash Ideas for Bathrooms with Blue Glass Tile

5 Backsplash ideas for bathrooms with Blue glass tile

Blue glass tile does look so refreshing and fancy because it can come with many varied shades which enrich the options. Since its fresh look is undeniable, many households will prefer blue for their bathroom backsplashes and here are some refreshing backsplash looks which you can try. From the modern minimalist bathrooms with blue glass tile backsplash which uses the blue shade of cobalt blue. The darker shade of blue makes the bathrooms look manlier, as an addition, you can mix it with grey shades.

Second, choose blue glass tiles which are stained with the bright blue shade of aquamarine. Blue glass tile which is stained with aquamarine shade is so catchy and lovely because it can reflect light better so that your bathrooms will look roomier and fancier. The shade of aquamarine is so great when it meets with glass tiles because it will appear brightly which other shades may not afford.

Third, blue glass tile is always great in appearance when you combine two blue shades for backsplash idea: indigo and iris. You can use these two shades and achieve balance look because indigo is darker shade which its look does not dominate the lighter shade, iris. The ideas can be varied from the artistic mosaic which you can be easily done by randomly install the indigo stained glass tiles and iris stained glass tiles or probably the more organized one, the simple refreshing subway backsplash.

Fourth, choose blue glass tile which has brighter hues for adding light in your bathrooms. You can try to use lighter shades such as periwinkle, powder blue and sky blue that create a nice mosaic backsplash. This idea is simple because you just choose the small sized square shaped glass tiles, probably 2 or 3 inches long and then simply mix and match all of the glass tiles with the mentioned shades above. The result will be rich and frenzy because these light blue shades make the backsplash look brighter.

Lastly, blue glass tile can be great when it comes to sky look backsplash. You can combine the azure and steel blue shades along with white and soft grey. Apply backsplash design which is inspired by the look of the sky by combining those shades, from the upper part with white and grey, then lower parts with blue shades. You are free to add other shades which can make the backsplash look like a perfect sky landscape.

Installation Guide for Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile is positioned in the top pick lists for how it gives a really clean and shiny look which make your house look much more decorative and elegant. For that, a glass wall tile can come with varied motifs, colours and finishes which you can customize with the existing style and design that you have in your interior design. It is in bath deed the option which most households choose when they seek for the precious and sophisticated look.

The installation of glass wall tile is better to be done by preparing the surface clean, dry, level and free from the cracks. Then, you can use a wire brush for removing the mortar, dirt and collected substances, even a sandblaster is necessary for the hard-to-remove ones. For this setting, use a latex-modified thin set which is designed for use with the glass tiles. Then, you also need to use the notched edged of the trowel when an even layer of a thin set has been applied, so use it to comb ridges in the thin set

For grouting, glass wall tile is installed by ensuring first that the surface is clean and free from dirt. Then, you can use a grouting float to apply grout to tiles’ surfaces. You also can ensure that the grout gets between all spaces, use the grouting float and apply it in the upward diagonal motion then spread back and forth.

Firstly, it is always better if you install glass wall tiles by wearing the safety gear such as goggles, then kneepads and rubber gloves. Glass wall tile can be installed safely when you also secure yourself with the perfect safety or protection. The second tip, if you are mixing your own this set, that you should allow it to sit more about 5 minutes right after it has been mixed for achieving optimal consistency.

The third tip, you should install glass wall tile by removing the paper on the same day that tiles are set if you are using paper backed tiles. This is for ensuring that the glass tiles are set evenly and you can fix any crooked ones before the tiles are permanently affixed in the thin set. Then, you should use a white thin set for setting the glass tiles because it will have the least effect on the transparency and colour of the tiles. The last tip is if you are doing the backsplash project for creating a focal point, then start from the centre is better.