Showing the Courage and Strength through Red Chandelier

Chandelier light is currently not rare furniture anymore. This is because many families have applied this luxury light in their home. There are many brands and designs of chandelier light. If you want the vintage one, you can choose the chandeliers which have vine design on the body. This kind of chandelier commonly has soldered glass. Now, we want to talk about the bravest one which is red chandelier. Some people might think twice to apply this light because it might not match the theme of their house.

If this red chandelier steals your attention but you are still not sure enough to apply this due to the pattern, so follow us. We would like to guide you by showing you brief description of what the interior design should be for the safest decoration with red chandelier lighting. As the red color is strong, you need to be very picky in choosing the colors and furniture for the interior needs. If you do not beware enough, the strength from the chandelier will not stand out.

The first design is by dominating the room with white color. So, from the wall paint color up to the sofas and the curtains as well use white color. You can hang the red chandelier above the white dining table and chairs. The contrast from this arrangement is really elegant and exclusive. The strength from the red color really stands out as well as the smoothness of white color. You may put red chairs or sofas near the white sofas.

Red is one of primary colors beside yellow and blue. It means that the combination of these three colors in one space is not a sin. For giving a red chandelier in a room, let’s say the living room, you can combine it by giving the yellow color as the wall paint. You may give other minor colors like green and blue as the smaller furniture in the room. Although you give a primary color, you better still give the neutral touch (white color) on the floors.

Besides white and primary colors, a red chandelier lamp is also suitable with classic and vintage theme like wooden interior design. You can apply it in a room with wooden wall or plain wall but furniture made of full wooden. The red chandelier which is elegant combined with the classic wooden furniture is gorgeous. It even suits the wall made of bricks. This is classic and vintage design in the touch of modernity.

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