Decorations in the house are very necessary, as it can add beauty and some luxury into the room! If you wonder what kind of decoration you should put in the room, then here we’re suggesting you have Glass pool table! The pool is one of the funniest entertainment, and it also recognized as sports too! You can play pool with your friends and family in the house and spend time together in the house. We already know about the conventional pool table, but how about having the Glass pool table?

Well, rather than having the usual, pool table, having the Glass pool table is more like an advantage for you. Why? Simply because this fancy glass pool table is made from glass and looking very beautiful! It also looks modern and amazing, and we can assure you that this pool table will be a great addition to your room. The lovely design is going to blow your mind, and having a great private entertainment in your house is always a great idea!

Not only that, this Glass pool table can give you a whole new experience while playing pool. You can see clearly where the ball is, which number it is, and seeing the ball that has been pushed inside the table has never been imagined before this fancy Glass pool table invented! Get an ultimate modern look in the room decoration by having this kind of pool table.

More on this Glass pool table, you can see that the design is very appealing and flaunting. It is simple, and we just love the glass pool table that is made with clear glass and simple framework. There’s this silver, white, and black colour that just make it look contemporary. The pool’s ball colour is looking very popping out and amazing above this crystal clear table. This is simply one of the best innovations that we’ve ever seen.

The Glass pool table is available in 8×4 and 7x 3.5 sizes, with the glossy Vitric playing surface. This can make the ball rolls more efficient on the pool surface and not sagging. The innovations don’t stop there as it is also having the fancy under0framework below It that is just so different from the conventional pool table that just simply covering it all. You can see right where the ball goes. And once you’ve done with the game, you will be amazed at how the ball is rolling on the below of the table and create a neat and beautiful colourful row.