Picking Colors that Match Purple Wall Decor

Purple wall decor means the purple becomes the center of attention. In architecture, this is called a focal point when one thing becomes the center point. It could be dominating the color of your room. Although the purple is the center, it does not mean that you cannot give colorful wall decor. You can still freely add some colors or items that are beyond purple. In here, we will give you some information on what sort of things that can be suitable with purple.

The choice of other decoration in your purple wall decor is free but the right choice of yours could define your feeling or mood in the daily life. The nature of purple is warm. So, you can choose colors that have soft or cool nature. It will give balance in your room. You can choose items like frame in silver or grey color. This contrast will give elegant look. If you want to keep the same tone, you can choose lighter level of purple.

The next one is for you who want to fade away the presence of purple in your room, so you do not want to give any purple touch anymore. To solve this, you can apply other colors whether light or strong ones or even the monochromatic colors which are neutral. This is the simple way for those who want to give companion to purple color. To make it not that flat, you can draw certain patterns or textures in the purple wall decor.

Let us go vintage by combining purple wall decorating ideas with classic touch. Gray color is the answer. To make it stick out, you can choose large or big items, for example you have a large purple rug and the chairs or the sofa is gray. The large size of the items make the colors stand out and can catch the attention of others. For the small items like cushions or curtains, you can choose the lighter or darker purple and gray for another item. Give little neutral touch in purple wall decor.

Although purple is not categorized as a neutral color, this color is listed as a color that matches with almost all colors. Even you want to match this color with a shocking color like neon color; this can also match each other. Purple wall decor can be suited with very light orange or green. We recommend that the percentage is much more in purple, for example your sofa is purple but the cushions are light orange and green.

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