Neutral Minimalist Gray Nightstand for Your Bedroom

unique grey nightstand

Being a minimalist will give you lots of advantages. It is simply because less is more and that simple is beautiful. If you are living the minimalist life, then you should adopt it to your homes. Try to use as little furniture as possible and for that furniture that you use, you may need to also apply the minimalist colour as well as finishing such as the grey nightstand.

Many people think that nightstand furniture is not a necessity for the bedroom, but some others think the contrary. Which thinking is right for the grey nightstand? Well, both are correct. For those who need the extra storage to keep away, the clutters, then the nightstand would be a great addition to the room as they are small but very useful in a practical manner of speaking. However, for those who feel like they have everything in the bedroom even without the nightstand, then it is okay for them not to use it.

Why choose grey nightstand? Grey is one of the colours that are commonly used in the minimalist style. Gray is used because it is neutral. However, too much grey can mean unemotional and detached. This is because grey is the colour you get when you mix the two contrasting colour of black and white. The different shades of grey can deliver different meaning. The lighter version would mean illumination and alive while the darker shades would be more mysterious and dramatic.

Then what is the best way to identify the grey nightstand for you? Each of you has your own different needs, so each of you will need different nightstands. Making sure that the nightstand is at the same height as the bed would be the top on the list. Although it is a common mistake to have nightstands that are either too high or too low, it does not mean that you should be part of the mistake. A few inches taller would be the maximum height for the nightstands.

The next thing to think of is to know if you need one drawer or two drawers on the grey nightstand. In other words, you would need to know just how much storage space that you will need. The next is the shape. Even though in the past the nightstands mean bulky square box, but it is not necessarily true. There are so many options that we can choose and there are also so many shapes.

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