Modern Art Deco Chandelier

The previous articles have discussed about several types of chandelier lighting. This cannot be denied that applying a chandelier will increase the artistic aspect of your interior design. After playing with vintage and luxury chandelier, now we will bring you into a futuristic one: the art deco chandelier. There are many designs of this chandelier. This could be your alternative in choosing a chandelier for your home. The maintenance is indeed easier than the crystals ones. But you still need to treat it well.

The first art deco chandelier is the one with pendant. The body cover looks like a bowl so this is called underscore bowl. The finishing of this lamps is using the Cimarron bronze. It has brown as its base color. The body cover of this lamp makes the lamps looks brighter once it is turned on. This lamp combines the dynamicity of human life as its inspiration. You can apply it in both traditional and modern house.

Next, we will explain about the underscore lamp. This unique from art deco chandelier requires from ten up to twelve lamps. So it will be very bright once the chandelier is turned off. It has brown as the base color. Besides, twelve lamps are placed in six rectangular boxes made of Cimarron bronze. The boxes are placed rather high than the branch or the feet of the lamp. The feet of the lamp seems like roots in a tree so it is vine.

Are you inspired by Swarovski chandelier but you want the simpler one? In the catalogue, you can find an art deco chandelier has Danville crystal around the lamps. In this chandelier, you need five lamps. The crystals might not in the same level of the crystals in Swarovski chandelier. But the crystals in this chandelier could be an alternative if you won’t choose the Swarovski. The crystals in art deco are managed in a circular style. So, it looks like a crystal ball.

The last one we choose the simplest chandelier. It is still the art deco chandelier lighting but the type is Hadley in 20 inches. It has long pendant on the lamp. The design is very simple so it can be placed in a simpler and smaller room. The shape of this art deco chandelier perhaps has the typical lighting outside there. As it has the simplest design, the maintenance is of course the easiest one. The most important thing is to clean it regularly.

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