Mix and Match the Wooden Wall Decor

Another design for a dorm wall decoration is wooden wall decor. There are many ways to decorate the wall of your room. The wooden items can be really suited with your teenager’s room because this has dynamic and chic styles. You can find some of hundreds items in this article that you can choose. Wall decor from woods is natural, vintage, and flexible. Either your dorm has old or contemporary design the wooden item can still match your dorm wall.

Youth are identical something hanging: pictures, clock, or frames. You can give wall hanging decoration from wood carved wall art panel. This is available in many patterns. So the hanging decoration has carved pattern in all of the part. It gives embossed effect because the technique is hand carving. The more complicated the carvings, the more expensive the price is. Wooden carved art panel is really suitable as wooden wall decor. This can be strongly matched with light, classic, or pastel colors because the decoration will stick out.

Next, you can choose wooden wall decor words. Perhaps you often found this in any art galleries. The decoration is in the form of certain words, like “friends”, “dream”, “love”, or “future”. There can be many samples of words. You can order it by request. So you can tell what word you prefer to have as wall hanging. The decorations might have painted in many colors. You can even request “my room” with specific the name of the owner.

In Indonesia, you can search the hand-carved wooden wall decor in the form of wayang or Javanese or Balinese puppet. There are so many handcrafts from wood in many characters of wayang. Wayang is so popular to choose as the object of handcrafts. Besides giving the traditional and cultural look, this is also a vintage wall decoration for your room. You can ask the locals what the meaning of the wayang character is so you can choose the one that suits you.

The last one that is most common to be chosen is the wood monogram wall decor. This wooden wall decor has abstract pattern like doodle or mistletoe. There are many combinations or designs in monograms style. You can request to order a wooden monogram with the initial of your name. This is really eccentric and artistic. You can also request the color of the monogram because it can be provided in any colors.

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