Mini Lamp Shades Creation for Your Perfection

Lamp shade has been used for centuries to cover the lamp and to illuminate the shine. However, right now people use lamp shade to adorn their room, especially at night. Living room and reading room is the places that are given these things. Not only cabinet lamp or reading lamp, we want to give the smaller bulbs their mini lamp shades, even people give mini lamp shades for chandeliers too. These mini stuffs costs $40 and more. We can also make our own shades.

Mini lamp shades usually in 5” size. Paper and fabric are the common materials to be used as the shades. We can cut the printed paper so we can get the shades like we want. Or we can also use the fabric shades. We can be creative on our plain fabric shades. We can draw things in the shades using fabric marker. Draw some bulbs, planes, and spaceship, anything you want. You can also attach fabric tape lampshade to free your innovation.

You can also use words to add the mini lamp shades ideas. Giving the silhouette into your mini lamp shades creates unique sense. You will enjoy staring the shades. You can also use handwritten shades. Write your favorite quote, song lyric, anything and memorize it on your adorable lamp shades. Other new materials that can be used are your old books or old maps. These lampshades will be perfect if we place them on your library, map also make you to travel into other countries on your mind when you see it.

If you want more feminine look into your mini lamp shades. Giving flowery lamp shade might be a good choice. Making roses out of fabrics is easy. Not to mention that you can have the experiment on making various kind of flowers and attach them on your lamp shade. You can utilize your worn clothes rather than throw them on your board. Faux flower lampshade is a fine option too as it resembles real flower. Giving it the matching scents will make you love this lamp because it will look like a vase of flowers that can shine.

The last idea to decorate your mini lamp shades is by eliminating it. Take the current lamp shade and leave the framework of the lamp shade. It will create sculptural looks into your lamp. Not to mention that it will also give stylish look as the framework becomes the center of attention. Although it lost the function to become the shade, applying minimalist lampshade type will make your room look good.

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