Mercury Glass Table Lamp That Will Define Your Bedrooms

Mercury glass table lamp is indeed so lavish and it may come with various styles and designs which can enrich your options for finding the best one that fit all your needs. Mercury glass table lamps are indeed positioned in top picks and of course there are unlimited ideas for this kind of table lamp, especially for your bedrooms there are so many options which you can choose so that your bedrooms will look much more stunning. Here are those ideas;

First, mercury glass table lamp can be so classic when you choose the one with the base which is accessorized with some simple pediments around it. A mercury glass table lamp is indeed so classic when it comes with pediments around the bases, especially the bases which its designs resemble designs of vases which are so artistic and unique. This idea is perfect for those who have classic bedrooms; moreover the bases which are made from glass will accentuate the style.

Second, again with classic look, go with the upside-down-pot designed base with the classic shade which give real classic look. Mercury glass table lamp can be so simple but classic when it goes to upside-down-shaped base which is completed with the classic shade, moreover the glass material used makes the bases look so amazing and stunning. Plus the effects of faded and quaint look on the mercury glass used as the bases reflect the lights uniquely and add its classic accents.

Third, mercury glass table lamp can be so modern with it goes to balloon-like base which is complete with the brown colored shade. The base is really unique and modern because the volume part in the middle of the base makes its overall look is really catchy. Then, its modernity is strengthened from the simple balloon-like base with its sleek and elegant finish makes the overall look is not too complex. This kind of design is really good for adding focal point in your bedrooms.

Last, mercury glass table lamp is also so modern when it goes to bottle-shaped base. Since mercury glass is already catchy and attractive, and then it will be perfect when it is companied with the bottle-shaped base for the table lamps. The designs are commonly simple but usually come with large sized bases which will make the bedside tables beside your beds will look quite crowded. So, usually the bedside tables must be quite large of course.

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