Making Wonderful Kitchen Cabinet out of Old Cabinet

There is one simple way that you could do to make wonderful kitchen cabinet out of your old and ugly looking kitchen cabinet. You will just have to paint the cabinet for a whole new look it is also possible that you could change the design or style of the kitchen at the same time by painting the cabinet at first.

Painting your old cabinet is also a great way to save your money in remodeling or redesigning you kitchen instantly. Basically painting your old kitchen cabinet and transform it into a new wonderful kitchen cabinet is easy thing to do. Everyone could do it although the result will vary differently of course.

First thing to do in creating wonderful cabinet kitchen is the preparation. Prepare the cabinet by removing hinges and hardware first. Clean the cabinet after that to make sure that the surfaces are completely clean. Even a tiny bit of dirt, oil, or any stain could affect the final result. The use of soft rag or even T-shirt along with TSP is recommended in cleaning the cabinet. While cleaning it make sure to scrub the surfaces and not just wipe them for maximum cleaning leading to bet result of the wonderful kitchen cabinet you are making.

Next thing to do is preparing you. For maximum result of the beautiful kitchen cabinets you will have to be extremely fit so that all works could be finished correctly. It is also important that you are in a good mood so that the works will be your best. Sanding the surfaces a bit is the next thing to do. It will open up the previously finished surfaces so that new paints could get in and be absorbed well. Be sure to prepare wood filler as well to fill any holes if there is any. Clean the surfaces again before applying primer. Once the primer is dried apply the paint in two layers with a bit of light sanding in between the paint application to finish your wonderful kitchen cabinet.

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