Make Your Own Floor Lamp Shades

Do you love the function of floor lamp shades but don’t really like the sight of it? Most people bought one for the need of reading because the task light is useful and the price also affordable. So many people think of floor lamp shade replacement but thinking about the price make anyone retreat regularly. Even when you find floor lamps in silver the price is twice expensive than the regular one. It almost makes people frustrated. Can’t we get a beautiful floor lamp with a cheaper price?

Several people love to make their own lamp shades than buy a customize store lamp shades. Because floor lamp shades handmade by yourself will bring out your personal touch at room and the process is fun. Actually make a lamp shades by one-self is not that difficult. It is pretty easy. If you know to make it properly, the shade will look professional. Some people choose to make a floor lamp by themselves because of lack of stylish but affordable lamp.

Make your own floor lamp shades could result on increase your confidence, get a style that you like with a small budget and also fit perfectly with one’s home interior design. In order to make your own antique floor lamp shades which no one else have is not difficult. First you should have materials. Molding stick, clips, lampshade rings, glue and adhesive styrene are basic materials that needed. Beside that you have to prepare paintbrush, scissor and your fabric choice to cover the shade.

So, are you looking for some lighting fixture for your living room or any room available in your home? Or you feel dizzy just how to brighten up the shady office? Shed some light for inspiration from magazine or online website. There are many desk lamps or even floor lamp shades that fit a formal office setup. You could also add pendant lamp for dramatic touch in your kitchen. A lamp is used to change a looks and feeling of the room.

Not only provide a light but a right floor lamp shades could set the mood just right. There are many types to decorate your room. For a formal looks or even for kid’s room. Browse carefully and decide what kind of types that will fit to any room that you will decorate, match with your budget and choose only a fixture that will blend with furniture.

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