Japanese Sliding Doors Design

A traditional or old Japanese home is related to the peaceful interior design where home is really designed with a serious and unique pattern of peace, smile, comfort, nature and culture. There is a balance in all aspects of traditional Japanese home design. The very famous element is Japanese sliding doors that look familiar in the traditional home and as what you see in the movie about the Samurai world. It looks beautiful installed in your home to have more peace.

Why Japanese sliding doors are looking so great and offer more comforts and peace? First of all, you should look at the material used for the Japanese room dividers. They are made of natural elements of woods. Even, the paper used to cover the bones of the doors is used from natural elements too. Yup, it is covered with papers that are designed for sliding doors or dividers. They look clean, peace and very natural and traditional. It is beautiful and awesome.

Second is the pattern of the Japanese sliding doors. There are many patterns you can build for Japanese sliding doors DIY. If you see the pictures of these doors, they have various patterns where each pattern can describe something. It means that every pattern design applied on this door, it has certain meanings. Even they have their names. Maybe this is what makes this door looks very great even just made of papers and wood. It looks great installed in your home for sure.

The third is about colours. Japanese sliding doors have certain colours where each colour has its meaning, purpose and pattern detail. You can have these doors are painted with the colours that you like or just following the interior design of the general theme of the rooms. You can go with the natural colour of the wood like brown or go with black colour. It depends on what you like more. Both of them look great with its colour and pattern. It is beautiful because it doesn’t have a complicated colour design.

Yup, the overall appearance of these Japanese sliding doors is simple where it can bring certain feelings to have relaxation. It doesn’t have a busy pattern, crowded motifs or any other details that show a certain picture. It looks simpler and more natural. But sure, with the right interior design of the rooms with other elements like the flooring ideas, lighting, interior elements and other, these doors look great and beautiful.

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