Installation Guide for Glass Wall Tile

Glass wall tile is positioned in the top pick lists for how it gives a really clean and shiny look which make your house look much more decorative and elegant. For that, a glass wall tile can come with varied motifs, colours and finishes which you can customize with the existing style and design that you have in your interior design. It is in bath deed the option which most households choose when they seek for the precious and sophisticated look.

The installation of glass wall tile is better to be done by preparing the surface clean, dry, level and free from the cracks. Then, you can use a wire brush for removing the mortar, dirt and collected substances, even a sandblaster is necessary for the hard-to-remove ones. For this setting, use a latex-modified thin set which is designed for use with the glass tiles. Then, you also need to use the notched edged of the trowel when an even layer of a thin set has been applied, so use it to comb ridges in the thin set

For grouting, glass wall tile is installed by ensuring first that the surface is clean and free from dirt. Then, you can use a grouting float to apply grout to tiles’ surfaces. You also can ensure that the grout gets between all spaces, use the grouting float and apply it in the upward diagonal motion then spread back and forth.

Firstly, it is always better if you install glass wall tiles by wearing the safety gear such as goggles, then kneepads and rubber gloves. Glass wall tile can be installed safely when you also secure yourself with the perfect safety or protection. The second tip, if you are mixing your own this set, that you should allow it to sit more about 5 minutes right after it has been mixed for achieving optimal consistency.

The third tip, you should install glass wall tile by removing the paper on the same day that tiles are set if you are using paper backed tiles. This is for ensuring that the glass tiles are set evenly and you can fix any crooked ones before the tiles are permanently affixed in the thin set. Then, you should use a white thin set for setting the glass tiles because it will have the least effect on the transparency and colour of the tiles. The last tip is if you are doing the backsplash project for creating a focal point, then start from the centre is better.

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