Faux Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

Having a granite countertop in your kitchen might be good for you to drop your neighbors jaw. However, it will rip your money as it is as expensive as $50 to $100 per square foot. Thus, we need to think wisely upon buying this. If you cannot afford l granite, you can make your countertop to be one of them using faux granite countertops. Faux granite countertops cost $25. You can use your money to be spent in other area.

Making faux granite countertops basically does not require many types of equipment. First of all you need to have a picture of the granite that you desired. Thus, you will know what kind of paint colors that you need to buy. Buy the dominant color more than the additional color. You may use acrylic craft paint for the other colors. Clean the countertop from dirt and grease. Use fine-grit sand paper to make sure that the paint will stick to the countertop. Then, cover the parts of the countertop and floor with tape and newspaper so the paint will not be tainted.

Now you are ready to paint your countertop. You can use foam roller to paint the dominated color. If the domination color is light, you can paint the acrylic paints from lighter color into darker color. Use a sponge to smear it on the countertops. If you use black as the dominated color, you can do vice versa. You need to do this to make your faux granite countertops to look more realistic.  Be careful on the smudging so the paint droplets will not suddenly drip in your countertop.  Thus, you need to wait the paint to dry before smudging new color. Do not forget to paint the side of your countertop.

Coating your faux granite countertops is the finale action. You can use water-based sealer using a paintbrush. If you are too scared to left brush stroke, you may use your foam roller instead. You can apply more coats to add the durability of your work. About 220 grits sandpaper can be used to fix the flaw.

If you are too busy to paint your own countertop, you might use laminate granite. However, this kind of faux granite countertops is not as durable as previous one. Not to mention that it will be difficult for you to attach the side of your countertop. Thus, leave the laminate to the expert to make your faux kitchen countertops become perfect.

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