Faux Granite Countertop Advantages

Faux granite countertop is famously known in Rachel Ray’s show. She demonstrated the installation of this countertop to mimic the real granite. However, not only granite countertop, you can mimic other type, such as faux marble countertop. There are always pros and contras when you use some kind of material. Thus this review will talk about the advantages and disadvantages when you want to invest your kitchen countertop in faux granite.

The first advantage of using faux granite countertop is the cost. The real granite countertop is so bloody expensive. The price starts at $50 just for feet square. For the small 25inches island, you need to pay at least $200 for the countertop. Bigger island need wider granite. You can spend as much as $2300 excluding the installation fee for your 40 sq. ft. of the granite countertop. Compared to the faux one, it can reduce the cost almost 95%. Do it yourself faux granite countertop prices less than $50 to buy the paints and the laminate one may need $100. The gap is so big yet you can get the same result.

Another advantages of making your own faux granite countertop is that the feasibility. Everybody can make it. As long as you are careful enough to smudge the paint cautiously, cover the unwanted place to be painted with newspaper. Making faux granite is about patience. You need to cover the area first, wait until the first paint dry, and repeat the painting. It might take time. But the result is promising. So creating your own granite countertop is so promising.

The other benefit of faux granite countertop is that you can decorate your kitchen once you get bored with your countertop. There are a lot of countertops from granite to marble, even granite countertop comes into various color. Thus, faux countertop offer you the way real granite cannot do which is the redecorating ideas. You might think it is wasteful to redecorate the kitchen as you use expensive granite.

Comparing to the advantages, there are only few disadvantages of using faux granite countertop. The faux granite might have less durability than the real one. Thus, you can give better maintenance to your faux countertop. You can avoid placing hotplates in the counterpart also as preventive action. If you rich enough you may buy the real granite. However if you think that it is such a waste purchasing your money to buy it, faux granite may be the option.

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