Fancy Corner Storage Bench Ideas

A spacious room can leave some corner undecorated, especially when you have large furniture put on in the room. If that’s the case, you can actually decorating the corner of the room with the corner storage bench, and make it a comfortable place for your family to chill on. Not only that, this bench can also be used as an additional storage to put scattered stuffs and make your room looking neat again. The corner bench is a very great idea that you can use either your room is too spacious or too small.

The most interesting thing about having this corner storage bench is that you can be very creative in decorating it. There are a lot of styles and décor that you can actually try to make your corner bench looking fancy and appealing. It can depend on your room theme, or simply you just want to make the decorations that are attractive. If you wonder what kind of ideas that you should apply to your room decor, then here we have some corner storage bench ideas for you.

First of all, you can try the Townhouse style of the corner storage bench. It is basically the modern look of the bench with some colorful and urban elements put into it. You can use two white corner benches and attach them one to another. Use a soft colored seating on the top of it, such as brown, beige, or even the soft color such as soft pink or pale blue.

 You can arrange some colorful pillows in many different colors that have the same color tone with the seating. Put some plants or even tree decorations on the side and the top of it along with the modern pattern on the wall. If you want more vintage feeling of the bench, then the corner storage bench ideas that you should try is the colorful vintage corner bench. For this one, you can use wooden corner storage bench and attached them right in the corner. Use a bright colored seating such as green, pink, yellow, magenta, fuchsia, or even electric blue.

Furthermore, you can arrange some pillows with vintage patterns on the top of it. But remember, the dominated color of the pillow at least have to be in the same color of the seating to create a beautiful colorization. Put some rustic wooden wall décor on the wall, or putting some vintage old photo on the top of the corner storage bench.

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