Exclusive Tiffany Chandelier Lighting for Home

Having chandelier lighting is a luxury choice for home. There are many brands or types of chandelier lighting. This time we will give you the products of tiffany chandelier lightings. This brand is available in many ancient and vintage designs so this is matched with any themes of your home. Once you get it home, everyone who pays a visit there will get enthusiastic because of the stunning chandelier lighting. Let us start the journey of vintage chandelier lighting.

The first tiffany chandelier that we have is the semi-flush mount one. This cool chandelier lighting has finishing in bronze technique. The shape of this ceiling light is like a very large bowl with beautiful vine design. The vine design is drawn in soldered glass with various colors. So, when you turn on the light, there will be several colors resulted from the soldered glass. The base color is the black one. You can order brown color if you’d love to.

The majority of tiffany chandelier lighting products have vine design. So, you should not wonder when you look up the catalogues, you see the lights have vine design on the body. The next type is the pendant tiffany lighting. This is called mini pendant because the pendant is not too long. Later on we will show the pendant light which has longer connector or pendant. This lighting also has vine design. The remaining design use plain brown solder glass.

As we have promised to you, this is the time you know tiffany chandelier with longer pendant. If the mini pendant light has the cover facing down, the longer pendant has the bowl-like cover. So, this is very similar to the semi-flush mount one. The difference is we cannot find the vine design on the body cover. The cover has design like nets. This makes the light shines lighter, for example lighter yellow or lighter white. This is suitable for your terrace.

The last but not the least is the product called multicolor mini pendant light. This is also included in tiffany chandelier big family. As the name says, this light has mini or shorter pendant. Because it has shorter pendant, so the body cover is also smaller. But, it has difference on the solder glass. There are some glasses in different colors. So, when you turn on the light, you will see the multicolor from one chandelier. It is very amazing.

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