Elephant Wall Decor for Kids Bedroom

You will never find something boring when you are designing and decorating the kid’s bedroom again and again. It is because there are many wonderful designs that have a lot of fun. The only challenge here is only creating the bedroom with more colors and fun. And you should be more creative in order to create the bedroom with more interesting appearance. Elephant wall decor can be a good idea in decorating the wall space in more cheerful appearance.

Elephant wall decor is interesting, funny and cute picture design as wall decor both for girls and boys room. You just select the colors of the elephant wall art as the sex of the kids. Usually boys prefer blue to others and girls love pink to others. So, it can be personalized as what you want. And you don’t need to worry about the designs and ideas of this wall decor. It is because there are many designs, colors, patterns and ideas that you can select to improve the interior design of your kids’ bedroom.

This elephant wall decor can be as elephant posters where you can stick it on the wall in any space you want. You can stick it in the lower space of the wall like about 15 cm from the floor. This is an interesting space to stick this poster because your kids can reach it in this height. Sure, the colors of the posters can also attract your kids to know and this is good because you can also remove the poster whenever you want and stick to other space as what you want too.

It is much better if the elephant wall decor is also completed with other elements like forest picture or elephant living space picture like landscape or zoo to make the picture more alive. This is smart idea to make the picture be more alive. So, you can create the green and natural environment picture that looks good with the elephant picture. You can get the inspirations from many pictures of elephant and its living space.

You can also make this elephant wall decor to be more alive with creative ideas with moiré dimensions. It means, you can have the elephant here in just a poster or wallpaper then in front of the elephant picture you can put the real green plants in the pot or vase. If you see the picture, it is like the elephant is going to eat the plants.

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