DIY Project of Making Paper Lamp Shades

Since most lamp shades are made with either glass or fabric, paper lamps shade is another unique lamps shade which is made in simple but stylish. You might adorn the children’s room with its fun designs and also decorate your backyard landscaping with the romantic night lighting from round paper lamps shades pendant. In spite of its paper base, this lovely lamp features so many shapes like origami, lanterns, and many wonderful designs to make you just amazed.

This super cute lamp with its paper lamp shades can be made creatively by us. It only needs simple materials that can be found easily around us. Various designs of this lamp might make you just think twice whether this is the real DIY project or not. Well, to answer the curiosity toward how simply is (actually) this paper lamps, the writers will give you a little tutorial how to make it. Just read this carefully and be ready to create your best one.

The inspiration of this DIY paper lamp comes from the round disco lighting in bars. First, to make paper lamp shades, you have to prepare some simple materials such as colored papers, glue, and tube with bulb lighting in it. The result of the paper depends on the paper colors, the brighter colors reflects brighter illuminations too. Regular paint for wall is can be chosen too for making it more beautiful.

First, you have to make tubes from the colored papers by folding and rolling it in. To have the equal thickness tube result, you might use dowels or pencils too. Then, glue the tubes. For a medium height of paper lamp shades, you will need approximately 200 tubes to cover the whole part of the lamps. To make a neat result, you can use big scissors or shears to cut the edge of the tubes.

After being ready with the 200 colored cover tubes, it is now the time to build them all together. Gluing the tubes and sticking them together are the most challenging part of this DIY paper lamps shades project. You might imagine how neat a nest is built to have a basic vision in arranging among tubes. Continue making nest until it forms a round shaped paper lamp shades. Then, place the lamps over your hand-made paper shades and you can display this little masterpiece at the table. Be ready to have a unique lamps made in own.

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