Different Kitchen Floor Plans Types

In choosing the best one of the kitchen floor plans options you will have to pick one out of the four available options. First option is the use of hardwood flooring. Hardwood is known to be very durable so it would not be easily damaged that will need you to do some repairs or replacements.

Since hardwood is durable, this one of the kitchen floor plans only needs very less maintenance as well. It will save your money for the maintenance cost. It could also be very resistant to moisture if you get the prefinished type of it. It will cost you about $3 to $12 for the material and about $2 to $15 for the installation within a square feet size.

Next choice of the kitchen floor plans type is the vinyl flooring that will only cost you ranges from $1 to $5 for the material and about $1 to $2 for the installation per square feet. This option is the best choice for you with tight budget. This material is also known to be the softest material. It will be useful if you cook a lot so that you will be easier to move even when you are already tired. Another important benefit of this one of kitchen remodeling floor plans is that it is the easiest to take care.

Next choice of kitchen flooring is the porcelain tile which is even more durable than hardwood flooring. With the highest toughness level of the flooring for your kitchen this one is certainly very low on maintenance. Furthermore if you love stone look, this one is your choice. Last option to consider is the cork flooring which would be the best choice if you really care about environmental issues. Another benefit of this kitchen floor plans is that it is very mush slip-resistance so that it will be save if you have spills of liquid on the floor when you are cooking.

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