Desk Risers for a Better Posture

Everyone wants to have good posture. However, whomever who works at office facing personal computer know, it is not easy to have good posture, because your body always follow the eyes. It’s almost impossible to write on a flat front while sit in upstanding posture. You need desk risers to get or at least keep the good posture at office. Desk risers for standing desk are critically important for a suitable placement for your documents and computer to stay within your view.

As for writing, the ideal angle is about 60o from horizontal. And for reading, the ideal angel is about 20­­­­­­­o. If you can’t get the ideal angle you have to bend forward your back and neck. So that desk risers could prevent you from back and necks ache. There is no need to raise the desk so high; it is good enough if personal computer is on the stand. If you have a small couch and you often sink to it you should try desk riser blocks to make you feel much more comfortable and make sure the couch is against the wall.

You can find many types of desk risers. Plastic desk risers could adjust to the correct height of standard desk. And as for the transparent types usually has a stylish mode. It is an ultimate solution for office and home and quickly adjusts to any furniture height. Clear risers made to achieve greater heights and allow you to make a different feel to workstation and great to avoid improper positioning of body and fit everything you truly needs at office.

If you want to show off your work place you could put desk risers that intended to rise up and make extra storage so you have more room for body movement and make your working experience more energetic. As we all know the incident that keeps happen is your desk is too low even the chair is perfect. In another case you got the visual target is too far away. It can be stressful and doesn’t do any good for body. We all need a proper distance from eye because wrong distance could strain the body.

Many research suggested that there is less eye strain when you have about 30” from your eyes to the monitor. Unfortunately, older monitors were hard to see at a healthy distance. Even though newer monitors comes with better solution and is good for a greater distance to have a good posture you still need desk risers, because not only prevent you from any backache, arm and neck problems. Consider the chair and desk that fit you. That way you can be great at work.

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