Curtain Rod Finials Designs That You Should Know

Who said that it is only the curtains that will make the whole window looking beautiful? You got it all wrong! That’s right, there are some other parts that you can actually use to prettify your window and your room’s décor such as the curtain rod finials. This is basically the part of the curtains that is put on the tip on the curtain pole, both ne the left and the right tip, to make it looking fancy rather than having a usual kind pole.

These days, the curtain rod finials design are very various and interesting, as choosing the finials is just as flaunting as choosing the curtains. It is because the choices are just lovely and amazing and we can make sure that you will have a hard time choosing one that you like! It has so much variety in color, shape, and design and the curtain rod finials are also have variety in the size and length. Prepared to be amazed with the lovely shape of the finials that is popping out right on both of your curtain’s side.

The first interesting curtain rod finials design is the mosaic finials. They actually make a very beautiful mosaic on the small finial with such an amazing colorization. Some of them are made of glass as well, and make the finials beauty are just more appearing. It is shiny, and it has bright colors that will suit perfectly with the urban themed room design! More on this glass made curtain rod finials; there are beautiful colored glass finials as well, with the romantic and ethnic design which is available to choose.

Wooden curtain rod finials design is just more interesting and jaw dropping. They create a beautiful detail which is crafted on the finials beautifully. The details are so neat and amazing, very artsy! Most of them are crafted with such complicated details such as small leaves or bird’s shapes, and we’ve seen some amazing see-through wooden finials artwork as well! You surely can create a gorgeous look of the curtain by having those curtain rod finials.

Last but not the least, you can also have the unique metal curtain rod finials which is usually made in certain interesting shapes, such as trees, birds, leaves, balls, and any other shapes which is very amazing to have with. You should choose the shape and material that will go well with your curtain and especially your room theme to create the best result of the window and the room design.

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