Creating Italian Kitchen Design

You can create your own Italian kitchen design right inside your kitchen in just a few easy steps away. First step to do is to determine the size or scope of your makeover or remodeling project. If you want to have a big scale makeover in Italian design, you should change the counters, floors, columns, arches, and also niches as well. The placement of the window should be considered as well.

Second step to make your own Italian kitchen design is to think about the appropriate color scheme for your Italian themed kitchen. The recommended tones of Italian kitchen decor to choose are in natural tones in the shades of brown only. It will be better to use one tone only with different textures additions instead of using many colors.

Furthermore if you want to add other colors in your Italian kitchen design it is recommended to use them only to accentuate the main color. Painting the trims of the walls in different color of the main tone is great thing to do. Door and window frames could also be the best place to add more accents in different color as well.

Next step in creating your own Italian kitchen design is to get several items that could really reflect the Italian style to enhance and boost your kitchen’s look. Example of the items are including wooden vintage table, metal bistro mosaic top, metal wrought accented pieces, and many more. Best places to look for them are flea markets, antique stores, or yard sales that will also give you cheap prices. Hand crafted decorative items such as large paintings and also canisters are also recommended to buy in addition to the Italian kitchen design ideas. Furthermore bringing the nature accent inside your kitchen is also one step to do.

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