Choosing Decoration for Western Wall Decor

Wall decor could be in many forms. After talking about purple and wooden wall decoration, we are now moving to western wall decor. Western style is identical with the modern and dynamic one. So, we need to give the dynamic decoration there to be flexible in your room for a long time. To ease you, we would like to give several samples of stuff that suit your modern room. These items are easy to find and maintain.

This beautiful wall decoration idea is the most common one chosen by the teenager. This design is not only favored by young people but also older ones. This is stuck on the wall with duct tape and available in many patterns. This is the wall decals or wall paper. Basically it suits in any designs including the western wall decor. This is a technique of decoration without needing paint colors that you have to wait until getting dry. When the wall paper is in great condition, it can be used again.

We cannot deny that teenagers like to have sticky notes to avoid them from forgetting something. When it is stuck everywhere, it will not be effective for your western wall decor. So, you need a special board. The modern and western motive of memo board is completed with several decorations like ribbons. You can choose any color and size you like. If there are no pins yet, you better provide because pins are really functional. You can stick many notes, photos, or cards.

The next western wall decor idea is by providing small minimalist shelves. Shelves are always functional to be storage for your stuff. It could be books, pictures, or toys. Western wall decor can suit the minimalist design. Shelves can be used either in modern or traditional theme because the function does not change. Nowadays, there are many designs of shelves. You can look for the ones which is the most suitable with you room. You need to decide the spot or space where you can put the shelves.

Every room has lamps. The western wall decor prefers the hanging lamps to other kinds of lamps. Hanging lamps can give luxury look in your room because it is identical with elegance. These hanging lamps will look cuter if you give some additional plastic features hanging on the lamps. You can make them by yourself. The Chinese style of hanging lamps could be your choice for a modern room. The lamps are available in various colors and designs. You can choose the ones you favor.

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