Choices of Shower Heads

LED shower head

Are you still thinking of the utilitarian shower head? Well, those days are gone. There are no more standard shower heads. You can find those with different handles, different kinds of sprays, different stands and so many other types that you may never have imagined to exist before today.

The early type of shower heads would be the standard wall mount. This shower head would be available in different designs. You can find the simplest ones to the most elaborate ones with adjustable angles and different spray modes. Some of the shower heads are also equipped with different technology that will be able to counteract corrosion, tarnishing as well as hard water buildup. Of course, the ones with these technologies would cost more and the simpler ones would be more appropriate for lower budgets.

The next type of shower heads is the top mount shower head. They are the ones to choose if you love being under the deluge falling. The top mount type may be installed directly onto the ceiling or they may also be hanging down from the extension arm. Another type would be the sliding bar. This is the perfect choice if you have people of different height in the house or if you have children in the house. Instead of having to hold the shower head once it is off the hook, you can simply lower the head on the wall mounted base.

The type of shower heads number three would be the handheld ones. The shower head can be removed from its mounting and then the person will hold it on his hand while bathing. This shower head would be useful to do other sprayings too, for example, if you are cleaning the bathroom and needed the shower head to rinse through the different area in the bathroom. But of course, it would not be so easy to manoeuvre once your hand is wet and slippery with soap.

You would also find the shower heads with hot water. They will make you feel like you are in a Jacuzzi, but you are standing up. This system would deliver more water pressure in the area that you wish to and less the other areas. No matter which one you choose, it would be wiser to choose the ones with the saving water system implanted in it. It would be an investment to help you save water, reduce your monthly cost and save the world.

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