Modern Curtains for Your Modern Homes

Modern curtains are actually simpler, more unique and more delicate with the minimalist look. You can find that many modern homes will prefer to use this kind of curtain because it suits well with their home’s styles. Then, you also can make the modernity is felt stronger in your homes by installing this style of curtain.

Modern curtains are less in patterns and simpler, but it has the rich designs which are bold and clean which make this kind of curtain looks so modern and particularly different with other curtains. With the less patterns on the curtains, it makes the designs are more modern and elegant, it does not exaggerate the patterns but it focuses more on the more imaginative, unique and exotic designs.

Modern curtains ideas are also unlimited; the themes for making the designs are always developed and do not just stuck in one themes or characteristics. It makes modern curtains are always innovative and developed in each eras. The themes can be taken from so many sectors even from the popular movies or songs and others. You will never be left behind with this kind of curtain since you are provided with the unlimited options for each curtain so you can utilize it.

Modern curtains are also versatile since it can be used for any room styles, including the rods. Modern curtains rods are also various, many modern home owners will prefer to use metal or stainless steel rods, but it is not just with those two modern rods, sometimes it will use wooden rods which are compatible with the curtains. You also can find the unique and creative rods which are purposely designed to add the accents, the designs of the rods are sometimes strange, awkward, ostentatious, or even too imaginative. Still, it adds the values of modernity.

Bathroom Curtains with Simple Modern Design Ideas

Bathroom curtains are actually important elements that you can utilize for beautifying your bathrooms. Then, for those who have modern bathrooms, they can renovate, remodel or simply decorate their bathrooms so here are some design ideas that you may apply for your bathrooms which are all modern, simple but fascinating and elegant at the same time.

First, white is the best natural color for your modern bathroom. Bathroom curtains are so many with the beautiful white colors, then for your modern bathroom, it is better to choose the boney white that is not too pale but it is still natural. Bathroom curtain ideas are always effective with white colors since with white you can easily mix and match the color combinations inside the bathrooms, so your options are unlimited.

Second, blue is the color of water and it makes this color is so suitable for the theme. Bathroom curtains are so calming and refreshing with blue colors which are various, from baby blue, darker blue, navy blue, turquoise, beachy blue, ocean blue and other blue colors which add your options. You can simply hang the blue curtain with simple metal or iron drapery. Blue colored curtains that you can hang on the window near your bathtub will be so refreshing. You may place some beachy or ocean themed accessories for strengthen the calming effects but do not place too many decors.

Third, bathroom curtains are good with the patterned curtains. Bathroom window curtains will be so catchy with some patterns on the designs. Moreover, if you want to elevate your bathrooms’ impressions, rather than plain or flat curtains, the patterned ones are more recommended. The unlimited patterns are widely ranged from the common patterns, unique patterns, abstract patterns and others. Moreover the patterns will add the ornaments and accents inside your modern bathrooms.

Yellow Curtains for Cheerful Homes

Yellow curtains are so modern and delightful, with its bright and shiny look, it will make the atmospheres in your homes are more cheerful. You always can choose these kinds of curtains for many rooms in your homes from living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and others. Start to make a more inviting home by installing the bright colored curtains and yellow is highly recommended.

Yellow curtains are so favored and popular. For those who have kids, they can choose and install bright yellow curtains for their bedrooms, of course that it will make your kids’ bedrooms are more cheerful and indeed more modern. The curtains are so available for your focal points so you can try to make a focal point with a curtain. Your kids’ bedrooms are so suitable with these kinds of bright curtains since it will elevate and enhance the atmospheres inside.

In fact, when you aim for a more textural room, then yellow curtains with pattern are recommended for you. You do not have to choose the curtains with yellow color range only. With the pattern you can add the accents and ornaments. Yellow curtains are not always with the plain or flat yellow hues only. There are so many patterns available from natural ones like flowers, animals or botanical things, the common patterns like rounds, rectangular, triangle, ovals, until the abstract patterns which are unique and imaginative.

Yellow curtains have the dominant yellow colors which make the rooms look more spacious. The bright colors will let the natural lights come in naturally, so it will add the spaces and make the rooms look wider. Then, you can use this for your strategy on widening your small homes by installing the curtains with bright natural colors, and of course yellow is highly recommended for that strategy.

Tips for Choosing Basement Flooring

Basement flooring is indeed one of the important things in your basement finishing project so you need to choose the best one that suits with your life style and needs. Remember that there are various options for the flooring from carpet, laminate, tile, engineered wood and others, so be clever and careful with your options.

Basement flooring will result on warmer hues with wall to wall style carpeting flooring. It has softer and smoother surfaces plus it gives overall warmth that is so elegant. For that, it is better to apply the short napped carpet with a lot of darker colors in it. Basement flooring options are so many and when you aim for warmer look that carpet flooring will be the best option. It will comfort your feet and it is suitable for any home style.

Then, engineered or laminate flooring is so beautiful and elegant for basement flooring. You can find that basement flooring tiles are more expensive compare to engineered or laminate flooring but engineered or laminate flooring is more expensive compare to tile flooring. This kind of flooring will not let dust and dirt stay in the surface, so it always looks clean, plus it is made with the tough coating so you do not need to refinish again and again.

Basement flooring is so durable with ceramic tiles because it is water resistant and strong. You are provided with various designs and patterns so you have unlimited options for the designs. This is the most versatile flooring since many home styles are compatible with this kind of flooring. Even this is the most expensive flooring, this flooring is compatible for those who have homes with wavy surfaces, since it can be suited and adapted with the surface right away, no wonder that many people prefer to install this kind of flooring.

Kids Curtains for Your Girls’ Bedrooms

Kids curtains are particularly different with the common curtains since the curtains will appear more colorful with patterns and imaginative themes which suit with what that the kids nowadays like. Then, for those who have daughters, you can simply elevate their bedrooms with the beautiful curtains and let them be pleased with the innovative curtains.

Kids curtains are always dominated with the colorful themes for the patterns and designs. You can see that the usage of colors is more various so the designs will be so colorful and rich in styles include kids drapes which are also colorful. Sometimes, the designers will purposely use many colors for the designs, like rainbow look. It is done because with many colors, the curtains will be more attractive and catchy. The kid’s bedrooms will be more wonderful and brighter for sure.

You will also find that kids curtains are commonly themed with anime or cartoons. If your girls have favorite anime or cartoons then go with it. There are so many characters that you can choose for the curtains, but commonly girls like the feminine characters like Barbie or Hello Kitty and others. Remember that it is good to install the favorite themed decorations for your kids’ bedrooms because it will make their minds become more imaginative and developed. So, it is not a good idea at all.

Kids window curtains are also good with animal or flower themes since flowers and animals are so close with the kids’ knowledge, moreover it will make them learn some lessons from the curtains. Kids curtains are more educational and useful with the interesting themes. It will make them are more eager to study and know a lot of things with the fun way. You can try other educational themes like numbers, words, pictures and others.

Fantastic Shower Curtain for Beautiful Curtains Design

It would be such a beautiful idea to make your shower is more beautiful with the beautiful shower curtain. It would be such a good idea to complete your beautiful shower. We have some beautiful fantastic shower which brings such a beautiful curtain. Many beautiful collections that we have and bed bath and beyond must be such a good idea to complete your beautiful shower. Here we have some beautiful curtains collections in elegant design. You may take it one of them and you can install it to your own shower, then you will get such a beautiful curtain for your room.

The first beautiful collections are from Ginette Fine Art Abstract Sunflowers Shower Curtain. This beautiful curtain is designed perfectly with the floral accent like the flowers. It looks so fresh to be such a beautiful curtain for your beautiful shower. Meanwhile, for the price is not too expensive. The elegant style of this sunflowers accent is able to make the beautiful shower is more elegant and more wonderful.

This shower curtain is manufactured by Deny Design with the standard size is 69” x 72”. Meanwhile, for the material, this beautiful curtain is made from 100% woven polyester and it is designed in eclectic style. Walmart shower curtain looks so perfect to complete the shower, where the fabric will be easy to dry soon. You can choose this beautiful curtain for your beautiful bathroom design. You may find the other styles with the beautiful unique accent which will make the curtain looks more beautiful and unique.

The next collection is beautiful diamond gray and white shower curtain by sweet Jojo designs. It is only about $39,99 by Sweet Jojo Designs. This curtain is designed in traditional style, however the wonderful gray and white shower with the diamond accent makes the shower looks so perfect and wonderful. Shower curtain must be such a great idea to complete your beautiful shower. Many things that you can do to make your beautiful bathroom are fun and more interesting, like this beautiful giraffes curtain.

Clara Niles Jellybean Giraffes Shower Curtain would be such a beautiful idea for your shower room. You can make your bathroom become fun with the beautiful artistic accent like the giraffes. This wonderful curtain is designed in 100% woven polyester and with the extra long 71” x 94”. It is very beautiful for being such a beautiful design for your wonderful bathroom. These wonderful shower curtain collections would be such a good items for your shower.

The Advantage of Having Striped Shower Curtain

Shower curtain is one of the most necessary addition to the bathroom’s design, as it is usually used to cover and divide the bathroom into parts where we simply taking a bath or just doing certain things in the bathroom. But, this shower curtain can be a beautiful decoration as well that can give a lovely accents to the room, such as the usage of the striped shower curtain which is very adorable and beautiful.

Most people are using the striped shower curtain because it looks very fancy and lovely to have with. It can create a fun and enjoyable bathing experience with that kind of lovely decoration in the bathroom. There are so many design and color of the stripes that you can choose, and you can choose it depend on the mood of the room that you’re trying to build. It can also depend on the room style that you want to achieve through the bathroom’s décor and furniture.

Huge stripes and small stripes are the most common kind of this gorgeous striped shower curtain that people use in their housings. The huge stripes can give you a bold accent to the room, while the small one is more like the lovely decorations that you will need to compile and blend with the other furniture in the bathroom. Beside those stripes, there are also the colorful stripes, the diagonal stripes, the horizontal striped shower curtain which each of them consist of different color domination and combination.

We have to admit that this striped shower curtain is a clever design to make a bathroom filled beautifully with the decoration. The stripe can actually give an illusion that can make a big bathroom looking more filled and decorated nicely, while the small bathroom can be divided neatly with the usage of the gorgeous striped shower curtain. The combinations will be amazing if you have the plain colored bathroom wall combined with the matching color of the striped curtain and create a very fancy and modern look.

For a more fun look, you have to choose the colorful stripes with bright colors and put them in the bathroom that has the soft wall color (at least 1 tone lower from the dominated color of the curtains) and create a beautiful colorization. If you want to keep it sleek and simple, then you better choose the soft colored striped shower curtains combined with the plain color of the bathroom’s wall.

Vintage Patterned Curtains: Here Are Some Tips!

Are you looking for the right curtains to put in your living room? Well, if you’re confused which to choose, what about having some patterned curtains? This kind of curtains can actually give your room a more unique look and interesting interior design to live and to enjoy with. There are so many kind of this lovely patterned curtains that you can choose, as they’re so various in theme, design, and color, and you can follow the design that you need with the room’s design that you’re determined first.

These days, the vintage patterned curtains are much loved, as the vintage patterns are rising as well. People just love the unique and oldie feeling that the vintage gave to us. It is made from vintage patterned fabric and usually consists of unique repeated patterns all over it; create an amazing decorating addition the room. This kind of patterned curtains is sit well with the room that is dominated with the plain colored furniture with the simple design.

Colors of this lovely patterned curtains re usually very bright and give the fun senses, although some of the patterns that is made with the dark color such as black or gray, can also give the fun senses to the room as well. It is caused by the unique patterned curtains that the vintage curtains able to manage, and they’re always have the most unique and lovely patterns all over it to support the vintage look they’re trying to achieve.

The color-themed room will go very well with these patterned curtains. For example, you can have the orange color dominated room with the orangey patterned curtain. If you chose the lovely patterned curtains with the orange pattern all over it, or simply the shape that has some orange accents, we can guarantee that your room is looking gorgeous already. The beautiful colorization between the room and the curtains that match very well is basically what you need to make a great interior design.

But still, of course you can use creativity and explore more possibilities with the room themed that you love. You can mix and match colors and just give the unique accent to the room through the patterned curtains. It doesn’t have to be the same colorization all the time the colorful combinations will be great either! We’ve seen some people experimenting with their vintage patterned curtains and come with an amazing result, and this time it’s your turn to do so! Happy decorating.

Curtain Rod Finials Designs That You Should Know

Who said that it is only the curtains that will make the whole window looking beautiful? You got it all wrong! That’s right, there are some other parts that you can actually use to prettify your window and your room’s décor such as the curtain rod finials. This is basically the part of the curtains that is put on the tip on the curtain pole, both ne the left and the right tip, to make it looking fancy rather than having a usual kind pole.

These days, the curtain rod finials design are very various and interesting, as choosing the finials is just as flaunting as choosing the curtains. It is because the choices are just lovely and amazing and we can make sure that you will have a hard time choosing one that you like! It has so much variety in color, shape, and design and the curtain rod finials are also have variety in the size and length. Prepared to be amazed with the lovely shape of the finials that is popping out right on both of your curtain’s side.

The first interesting curtain rod finials design is the mosaic finials. They actually make a very beautiful mosaic on the small finial with such an amazing colorization. Some of them are made of glass as well, and make the finials beauty are just more appearing. It is shiny, and it has bright colors that will suit perfectly with the urban themed room design! More on this glass made curtain rod finials; there are beautiful colored glass finials as well, with the romantic and ethnic design which is available to choose.

Wooden curtain rod finials design is just more interesting and jaw dropping. They create a beautiful detail which is crafted on the finials beautifully. The details are so neat and amazing, very artsy! Most of them are crafted with such complicated details such as small leaves or bird’s shapes, and we’ve seen some amazing see-through wooden finials artwork as well! You surely can create a gorgeous look of the curtain by having those curtain rod finials.

Last but not the least, you can also have the unique metal curtain rod finials which is usually made in certain interesting shapes, such as trees, birds, leaves, balls, and any other shapes which is very amazing to have with. You should choose the shape and material that will go well with your curtain and especially your room theme to create the best result of the window and the room design.

Bedroom Decoration: The Silk Curtains

Bedroom is basically the place where we will spend most of our private time, and make sure it is decorated very well. One of the decorations that you will surely need in the bedroom is the curtains, and the usage of great material of the curtains will be amazing for your room’s decoration. You can choose the silk curtains on your bedroom if you want to have the luxurious look in the room. By choosing the right color and design of these drapery silk curtains, you can get wonderful decorations that you’ve been dreaming of.

The silk curtains are usually very smooth, soothing, flows, soft, and give a peaceful feeling to the room. You can have so many advantages by choosing the silk material of your curtains in your bedroom. Imagine having a morning with the drapery silk curtains under the morning light! Yes, we’re trying to tell you that the silk curtains basically create a lovely accent to the room décor as it’s looking so joyful and beautiful.

If you want to choose the silk curtains in the room, you have to remember that the colorization is important, and you better choose the silk curtains that will blend beautifully with your room décor. It can be the sheer, the faux, or simply the drapery silk curtains to put in your bedroom with the interesting color choices. If you want to be looking fancy and luxurious, you can choose the soft color such as brown, beige, gold, or even topaz to come up with as your curtain.

It will be a whole different story if you prefer a more unique and artistic look by choosing the patterned silk curtains. But still, we can assure you that the silk itself has create a very sophisticated look to the curtain, and all you have to do is to choose the right color and design that you think will go with your bedroom’s interior design best.

To make a better result, decorate your rest of the bedroom’s furniture with the matching color of the curtains. For example, you can have the gold silk curtains with the gold color domination bed cover, or pillows. It doesn’t have to be all gold, but there’s an interesting color combination right there. You can also have the white and soft silk curtains and combine it with the white rug, bed cover, or even paintings and make a gorgeous room to live with.