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The Sea Glass Tile

Deciding exactly where the tile will be placed will help you narrow down size and material you are using this tile for a backsplash? a counter? floor? walls? Glass is mostly used for walls and backsplashes. If you are looking for bathroom design ideas, look no further than Whalescanada. Our image gallery brings you a large range of photos with inspiration for viewing pleasure.  Bathroom and the kitchen are most people favourite rooms.

There is a wide variety of Sea Glass Tiles

The sea glass mosaic tile: This a statement-making tile can be used in bathroom s and kitchen. I find it a quiet subtler countertop material so it doesn’t fight with the backsplash.  I complimented the backsplash with beach accessories.

Sea glass subway tile: The white shimmering opalescent backsplash gives the familiar style so much more interest. I liked the sheen on this tile. Its a like a pearl necklace for your bathroom. There come in so many different colours.

Sea glass wall tile.

Sea glass border

Sea green grass tile

Herringbone – adds sophisticated visual textures to vanities.

The sea blue tiles have a fetching shimmery in a mostly white kitchen or bathroom. I  like the subtly different shades of blue that catch the light nicely.

The Crackle Glass Tile Decor

MichaelaBathroom Decorations August 4, 2

The good quality of a room should really contain the good item detail in all the specification that it has. In more detail, you cannot make any good quality room decoration idea without the special concern of all the detail inside it. All items or all details in the room will bring a different kind of effect for the final decoration result, so it will be better when you prepare the right concept for it, in the right direction. For example, the glass detail of wall concept in your bathroom can use any idea of crackle glass tile as the completion.

It will be a good choice when you put the idea of crackle glass tile inside your bathroom, with the perfect concern of all the other specification around it. The good combination will bring special kind of atmosphere, especially for the comfort usage of the area. Remember that the bathroom is also one of the most important rooms in your house, so you should make sure to set the right detail in all its decoration. The specific glass tile idea can really be a good option, especially when you want to create a new kind of bathroom atmosphere in your daily life.

With the good creativity to combine all the colour tone specification, the crackle glass tile idea can bring perfect satisfaction for you, especially about the beautiful harmony that it creates. Basically, it also really depends on you, with the way you combine all the specification in the room detail. Then, do not forget that the detail placement will also give you specific satisfaction because the good combination cannot be put in any kind of random position.

It is not only about the wall factor, but also the whole situation in the room. The importance of having a comfortable atmosphere in the bathroom is the special feeling that you can get while you use it in your daily activity. Do not forget that crackle glass tile idea also needs the right consideration for the colour composition, so it will also be better when you already have a basic theme of the room. So, the next step that you should do is making the match choice for all the detail in the room, based on that theme.

In the other side, the crackle glass tile will also be a unique kind of decoration which you cannot simplify the result. It will bring special kind of beauty condition for the whole room atmosphere, then you can also feel the amazing light effect that it creates, related to the texture when the light or lamp touch its surface. In more detail, there will be many benefits that you can get from it.

Glass Tile Shower Decoration Idea

MichaelaBathroom Decorations August 4, 20173

White Glass mosaic tiles

It will be a good thing for you to prepare the right decoration design for all the room in your house. However, you cannot simplify the step in the process, because all the details inside it will really bring specific function. Remember that all items in the room will make a special effect on a final result of the decoration process. As an example, the shower decoration detail in your bathroom should also be your special concern. For this detail, you can try to apply the glass tile shower idea.

The perfect kind of decoration in the room preparation concept will really give you different kind of satisfaction at the end of all the process. No matter what, you should really make sure that you combine the right theme of choice in all the specifications. Then, it will also be a good combination when you understand the right quality of creativity. The specific step for glass tile shower decoration idea, you need to make the right choice in the room tone colour. So, the whole item composition in the shower area will not bring any wrong art harmony.

Many people usually do not really realize the importance of having a great atmosphere in the bathroom in their house. Actually, you should understand that you even use the bathroom every day, and then you absolutely need a high-quality situation there to get the right comfortable feeling. Make the right choice of the detail decoration idea like glass tile shower, and then combine it with the right theme of concept.

It will also bring a big effect when you combine all the detail with the wrong specification. No matter what, the creativity that you have for the whole decoration process will really determine and bring a big effect to the result. Then, what are you waiting for? You just need to apply the glass tile shower idea in your bathroom to get the stunning atmosphere inside there.

In the other side, you can also create a new and fresh kind of atmosphere in the room. The existence of glass tile shower decoration concept will be the perfect choice to get special kind of satisfaction. In the other detail, do not forget to make sure that you choose the tile concept which also suitable with your own budget condition, so you will not bring any pressure for your own wallet. It will not be a wise decision when you try to put the maximal quality of decoration in your house, without realizing the capability of your wallet position.

Sunburst Wall Mirror for Bathroom

MichaelaBathroom Decorations August 3,

Sunburst wall mirror is also kind of room décor that the general people can utilize for their room. All of the room in the house actually will need good decoration to make the room have good look. It is absolutely important to fill all of the room in the house with nice decoration; however, all the room certainly deserves to get a nice decoration which could make the room have the nice look. The general people who really want to have a room with a nice look, they absolutely have to put a nice decoration in the room.

Sunburst wall mirror is also kind of room décor which could be utilized by the common people to enhance the appearance of the room. This kind of room décor usually is placed in the bathroom of the home. However, the bathroom also needs to be decorated with nice decoration to make the bathroom have good look. The bathroom which is decorated with the right and also proper bathroom décor absolutely will become much nicer than the bathroom which is not decorated with any decoration.

It is very important to fill the bathroom the right bathroom décor. Since the bathroom is also a kind of room which is used by the people every day. Therefore the bathroom absolutely has to have the proper treatment to make the bathroom become nice and also the comfortable bathroom. The bathroom décor which the people select to decorate the bathroom absolutely have to have the nice look. Sunburst wall mirror is kind of nice bathroom décor which absolutely could be used by the people.

Sunburst wall mirror for the bathroom absolutely could complete the bathroom completely. This kind of bathroom décor absolutely can create a nice look for the bathroom and make the bathroom have good look. The presence of sunburst wall mirror in the wall of the bathroom absolutely can create the nice and also stunning look for the bathroom. However, this kind of room décor basically have beautiful look and it is good for the bathroom.

This decorative sunburst wall mirror absolutely would be great ideas for the common people that want to do the bathroom decorating and have no ideas about what kind of nice bathroom décor which they could utilize to create a good look for the bathroom. This nice sunburst wall mirror cannot only complete the bathroom since this bathroom décor have good design, but it can also boost the decoration of the bathroom.

Choices of Shower Heads

MichaelaBathroom Decorations August 2, 2017

Are you still thinking of the utilitarian shower head? Well, those days are gone. There are no more standard shower heads. You can find those with different handles, different kinds of sprays, different stands and so many other types that you may never have imagined to exist before today.

The early type of shower heads would be the standard wall mount. This shower head would be available in different designs. You can find the simplest ones to the most elaborate ones with adjustable angles and different spray modes. Some of the shower heads are also equipped with different technology that will be able to counteract corrosion, tarnishing as well as hard water buildup. Of course, the ones with these technologies would cost more and the simpler ones would be more appropriate for lower budgets.

The next type of shower heads is the top mount shower head. They are the ones to choose if you love being under the deluge falling. The top mount type may be installed directly onto the ceiling or they may also be hanging down from the extension arm. Another type would be the sliding bar. This is the perfect choice if you have people of different height in the house or if you have children in the house. Instead of having to hold the shower head once it is off the hook, you can simply lower the head on the wall mounted base.

The type of shower heads number three would be the handheld ones. The shower head can be removed from its mounting and then the person will hold it on his hand while bathing. This shower head would be useful to do other sprayings too, for example, if you are cleaning the bathroom and needed the shower head to rinse through the different area in the bathroom. But of course, it would not be so easy to manoeuvre once your hand is wet and slippery with soap.

You would also find the shower heads with hot water. They will make you feel like you are in a Jacuzzi, but you are standing up. This system would deliver more water pressure in the area that you wish to and less the other areas. No matter which one you choose, it would be wiser to choose the ones with the saving water system implanted in it. It would be an investment to help you save water, reduce your monthly cost and save the world.

Great Tips to Make the Shower Doors Sparkle

MichaelaBathroom Decorations August 2, 2

frameless sliding shower doors

We go to our bathroom to have a shower. We have showered because we want to be clean. What about the bathroom around us? Are they also clean? It is not only aesthetically important to create a clean bathroom, but also it is an important thing to do for our health. The bathroom is damp and moist, thus many unwanted living organisms would be developing under the circumstance. Cleaning it would be the best way to prevent this unhealthy organism. Cleaning the bathroom means cleaning the floor, the tub, the sink, the shower doors, etc.

It is not so easy to keep the shower doors clean when they are being used to cover water, soap, shampoo and other products for so many times in a day. But you can try to do it by banishing the buildup first. Try to mix distilled vinegar after being heated with dish detergent is very effective in cleaning the soap and other products buildup that made the shower door look unattractive. But that would work best if your door is made of glass or ceramic, on the other hand, if you are using the stone shower, vinegar would cause damage and not cleaning it. So, you would need to use the mixture of baking soda and liquid soap instead. Then simply brush them off the shower door with the non-scratch sponge.

Good maintenance to the shower doors would be a routine one. You can simply clean them after each shower with warm water. This way, if you are using warm water for shower, the grime has locked up. And then as you are already wet, you do not need to be afraid of getting messy and wet while cleaning these doors to the shower rooms.

Another idea to clean shower doors is to use citrus solutions. This is the trick to clean glass shower door. Simply cut a whole lemon in half and then dip one of the cut to a solution of baking soda. Mix them well and then rub them to the glass door. Once you see that the glass door is clean, you can also apply a little lemon oil on it so that the soapy water would not dry on the glass afterwards and you would not need to clean it so often.

The shower doors would have metal frames around them. To clean the frame, you can use a toothbrush. It is small enough to go into corners and it is soft enough not to cause any unwanted damage. You can also use a paint scraper to help you get the gunk away and a razor to scrape mineral spots of the glass.

Glass Backsplash Tile: Pros and Cons

MichaelaBathroom DecorationsKitchen Design July 19,

bathroom with mosaic tiles backsplash

Glass backsplash tiles are indeed great for injecting style and personality in your house for how its sparkles and glows make any room in your house looks much more stunning and appealing, for how its shiny surface will cover your walls greatly. Still, glass backsplash tile comes with pros and cons which you should understand before you decide for using this in your project so that you know all the risks and uses when you apply this.

First, glass backsplash tile indeed gives a custom look for how this comes with abundance options of colours and transparencies. A glass backsplash tile comes with its bold design which looks so customizable. You are free to choose your own desired size, colour and as well as pattern that you like to be installed, from the classic subway tile, then the modern mosaic, or even the glass tile border or inset which is a compliment for a ceramic or stone backsplash.

Other pros are glass backsplash tile is expanding the space. Since it is made of glass, its transparency makes the rooms look roomier and more spacious. Its ability for adding sparkles and glows will bounce the lights around the room and make it looks cosier. Furthermore, this tile is so hygienic, clean and of course environment-friendly for how there are many recycled glass options. This tile is stain and mildew resistant which will prevent your families from allergies and you can simply clean this using a mild detergent.

Still, glass backsplash tile has lacked. When you are planning for backsplash using glass tile, then you should prepare more money for how it is commonly more expensive than the stone or ceramic tiles. The prices can vary from $ 7 up to $ 30 per square foot. It is indeed not a friendly budget backsplash project. As an alternative, you may be able only for using the glass tiles for bordering or accentuating the ceramic or stone backsplash.

Others, glass backsplash tile can be tricky when it comes to the installation process. The skills for cutting and grounding the glass tiles are not merely simple. You may need to hire the experts on installing the glass tiles. Furthermore, it is difficult to repair for how it can be damaged easily if it is rubbed with a gritty material or gouged by a knife. It may be cracked and chipped easily also it will show the fingerprints and smudges too obviously.

Bathroom Glass Mosaic Tile

MichaelaBathroom Decorations July 19, 2017

mosaic tile designs bathroom

Whenever you feel like your bathrooms look is too plain and not as appealing as any other decorated room, maybe this is the time for you to enhance it up! Yes, you can give some addition to your bathroom by having the bathroom glass mosaic tile on the wall. This is one of the prettiest additions that you can have in the bathroom; as the glass mosaic tile turns the boring, plain, and dirty looking wall in the bathroom into the amazing, gorgeous, and luxurious one!

The glass mosaic tile is very popular, as there are so many choices in so many shades and range of colours, and even colour combination that you can choose for your bathroom. You only have to pick the right colour that you please and will suit your whole bathroom look perfectly. You will slightly have no mistake by having this bathroom glass mosaic tile, as it can create a more appealing bathroom, no matter how wide the size of the bathroom glass mosaic tile is.

Where to install it? Well, you can install it on one side of the bathroom, and fill the wall with the mosaic tiles. This will make a great depth of decorations that is just so flaunting to the final bathroom result. You can also install it in one section that following patterns, or just in two-sided walls of the bathroom. Having it in the entire bathroom can make you a bit dizzy by looking at the mosaic, so we will suggest you not to do that, and have the precise amount of the glass mosaic tile that you need.

One of the best kinds of glass mosaic tile that we love is the Turkish mosaic with the appealing emerald green dominated colour. The shape is square and it looks so fancy and lovely in the bathroom. Another lovely mosaic tiles that we’re suggesting are the colourful mosaic with the orangey-purple dominated colour. If you install it in the bathroom wall, it will look like a very artistic painting that is very beautiful to see and enjoy. It can be very great eye candy for you either!

Do you want a simpler and lovelier look? Then, you have to try the soft coloured and pale colour dominated mosaic with the blue, pink, or yellow basic. This glass mosaic tile has different shades of the basic colour in one tile rather than having the contrast colour. For example, it started with the soft pink, coral, and ends in the red-brownish colour. They are simply easy to find and can create a wonderful look into your colourful bathroom.

The Backsplash Glass Tile

MichaelaBathroom DecorationsKitchen Design July 17, 2017

glass bathroom backsplash

The Glass Backsplash Tile

It will be a good idea for you to apply a special kind of item choice to decorate your room in a different theme. Do you want to create a fresh and new kind of atmosphere in your house? Then you can use the backsplash glass tile idea to complete your plan. This kind of room decoration concept can be put as the unique completion in your kitchen or bathroom, so you can realize the better kind of condition there. The glass tile concept will really be a special touch for the room, and you will get the maximal satisfaction from its result.

We can also say that the backsplash glass tile concept will be a different kind of idea, which can also be categorized as the non-mainstream decoration theme in a people house. Nowadays, the modern touch in the decoration detail usually become the special kind of focus, so the glass tile detail on your house will be a high-quality choice that you can take without any risk. It will be a special specification of decoration concept, where you can get a different kind of atmosphere from its existence in the room.

In more detail, do not forget to make the art harmony of the room become your priority. However, you should always consider much detail of the room before applying something like the addition. You cannot make a good kind of decoration result when you do not even know the right direction to make all the composition placed in the right proportion. No matter what, it also should be your concern in applying the concept of backsplash glass tile, because you need to combine it with the right specification.

Bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration

Therefore, the great idea of room decoration should never avoid the need for the item quality specification. You cannot just put any random kind of combination in all the item choice, because you need to make good quality of decoration result from it. Make sure that you also placed the backsplash glass tile in right decoration proportion detail, so it will not even make the room become fulfilled with too much decoration.

It can be good to be combined with simple or modern kind of room decoration theme. For the bathroom, it will be better when you combine the backsplash glass tile concept with a minimalist colour tone in the room, not the bright one. Remember that the bright colour will not bring the maximal result in the room arrangement with the glass detail inside its decoration.