5 Unique Ideas for DIY Storage Bench

There are many ideas for DIY storage bench for how there are many creative designs and styles which you can try. First, try to create a DIY storage bench which is made from the old unused vintage dresser. Simply create a simple vintage bench with the pillows for replacing the cushion and the simple drawers above the pillow-cushions for letting your can sit on it comfortably. The overall design is similar with a sofa for kid and the faded finish with milky white paint and vintage leg design may add the accents.

Second, you can use the unused crates of wines for creating western barn style storage benches. DIY storage bench will be so authentic but quaint when you use the old wine crates. Just simply use the crates as the base for making the hidden storages. For this, you can create levels inside the crate as compartments for storing the stuff. Then, cover the crate with the comfortable handmade cushion or probably from your old chair’s cushion which you do not use anymore.

Third, DIY storage benches can be so simple and easy to do when you use unused wooden chairs. Create DIY storage bench which is made from three unused wooden chairs with the same height and size and then stick them together to create a simple unique bench with 12 legs. For cushions, you can create a long cushion with the size which is a bit longer from the total of the size of three chairs which are used. For the storage, you can simply create open shelves under the cushion.

Fourth, DIY storage bench can be so useful for your kids when you create a numbered pallet bench. Simply create a DIY bench which by using some unused wood pallets. The designs can be very simple which look like a long wine crate. For the storage, create simple square compartments and of course you can paint the pallet with numbers so the storage or shelve is numbered. To make it looks much more attractive, you can paint it with colorful paints.

Last, create DIY storage bench which is made from unused headboard. When you have plan for replacing your old headboard of your bed, then you can use it for creating unique headboard-frame bench storage. Use the headboards for the backseat and as a base, you can simply create it from wood pallets. The result will be better with vintage headboards.

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