5 Refreshing Backsplash Ideas for Bathrooms with Blue Glass Tile

5 Backsplash ideas for bathrooms with Blue glass tile

Blue glass tile does look so refreshing and fancy because it can come with many varied shades which enrich the options. Since its fresh look is undeniable, many households will prefer blue for their bathroom backsplashes and here are some refreshing backsplash looks which you can try. From the modern minimalist bathrooms with blue glass tile backsplash which uses the blue shade of cobalt blue. The darker shade of blue makes the bathrooms look manlier, as an addition, you can mix it with grey shades.

Second, choose blue glass tiles which are stained with the bright blue shade of aquamarine. Blue glass tile which is stained with aquamarine shade is so catchy and lovely because it can reflect light better so that your bathrooms will look roomier and fancier. The shade of aquamarine is so great when it meets with glass tiles because it will appear brightly which other shades may not afford.

Third, blue glass tile is always great in appearance when you combine two blue shades for backsplash idea: indigo and iris. You can use these two shades and achieve balance look because indigo is darker shade which its look does not dominate the lighter shade, iris. The ideas can be varied from the artistic mosaic which you can be easily done by randomly install the indigo stained glass tiles and iris stained glass tiles or probably the more organized one, the simple refreshing subway backsplash.

Fourth, choose blue glass tile which has brighter hues for adding light in your bathrooms. You can try to use lighter shades such as periwinkle, powder blue and sky blue that create a nice mosaic backsplash. This idea is simple because you just choose the small sized square shaped glass tiles, probably 2 or 3 inches long and then simply mix and match all of the glass tiles with the mentioned shades above. The result will be rich and frenzy because these light blue shades make the backsplash look brighter.

Lastly, blue glass tile can be great when it comes to sky look backsplash. You can combine the azure and steel blue shades along with white and soft grey. Apply backsplash design which is inspired by the look of the sky by combining those shades, from the upper part with white and grey, then lower parts with blue shades. You are free to add other shades which can make the backsplash look like a perfect sky landscape.

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