5 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

Glass subway tile backsplash

Glass subway tile backsplash is always perfect for the kitchen because of the versatile and simple look from subway backsplash. The ideas are so various, from the glass subway tile backsplash that uses jasper blue shade which creates a nice and warm modern elegant look. The sizes of the glass tiles are not so small, probably more than 6 inches long. The design is also simple because you just need to install the glass tiles horizontally or the brick look design which is also simple.

Second, try glass subway tile backsplashes which are artistic with the unique design. Glass subway tile backsplash will be so great when you choose the rectangular shaped glass tiles with the 6 or 8 inch long and with the 2 inches wide. This kind of glass tile is great for giving the impression of a roomier kitchen, moreover when you install this backsplash idea to the walls above your counter with the darker stained glass tiles, of course, that the overall look will be much more modern.

Third, glass subway tile backsplash can be so modern and futuristic when you choose the black stained glass tiles. If you have all white kitchen then you should add colours in it by applying backsplash which uses a darker colour which is so contrast with white, and of course black is the answer. This idea is also various in designs because you can apply the black and white designs such as chest, or probably choose the decorative stained glass tiles which will accentuate the nuance.

Fourth, glass subway tile backsplash can be quite antique and quaint when you choose the milky white stained glass subway tiles which will add vintage accent in your kitchen. This idea is effective for those who love classic and vintage look for their kitchens, so you can simply install these vintage look under your kitchen cabinets. For tips, this kind of backsplash will be better when you complete it with under cabinet lighting that adds the vintage touch such as classic or vintage pendants or lanterns.

Last, glass subway tile backsplash can be modern and colourful when you mix and match the colours and patterns. When you want your kitchen looks much catchier, then mixing and combining colours & patterns can be a great activity to add accents in your kitchen and make it as one of the attractions that draw attention. This idea is also great when you install the various shapes of glass tiles to add texture.

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