4 Ideas Kids Storage Bench That Are Totally Cute for Kid Playrooms

Playrooms for kids must be provided with kids storage bench which is more attractive and stunning so that the playrooms will look more interesting and your kids will love to stay and play in it. There are some imaginative ideas for kids storage benches which will make your kid playrooms look so catchy. Furthermore, there are many unique designs which are so fancy and suitable for kids.

First, kids storage bench is always better with the comfort cushion which lets your kids to sit on it while playing with their toys. A kid storage bench can come with varied cushion but try to choose the thick cushion so that your kids can sit comfortably for long period of time. Then, choose the cushions with striking motifs of stripes and zigzag with the bright and green striking colors so that the cushions will make your kids are more interested to sit on it.

Second, play with kids storage bench which is created from an old vintage dresser. Transform the old dresser into a vintage storage bench with comfortable pillows for replacing cushion and let the drawers under the cushion are used for storing their favorite comic books, kids magazines or even their favorite tale books can be stored neatly inside the drawers. As a tip, you can finish the bench with the quaint turquoise or milky white color so that the overall look will match with your classic kid playroom style.

Third, kids storage bench will be so attractive when it is painted with the famous funny cartoons or animes which your kids like most. There are many ideas for that as how there are many famous cartoons and animes which are created from the fairy tales such as Disney cartoons or probably the boyish ones such as Cars or Toys and the other funny cartoons or heroes which your kids may like. Furthermore, there are many stickers which you can use for accessorize the benches.

Last, get the unique benches with the funny designs. Kids storage bench will be so unique when it comes with unique shapes such as funny ship-like storage bench, or probably princess-carriage storage bench with its fancy pumpkin design and other shapes which are imaginative. The storages can come with uneven compartments that are designed to store the all your kids’ stuff so that the benches are not only for storing stuff, but also for places where your kids can play happily.

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