ideas Living room sofas

The living room is the most versatile space in your home that deserves top design priority. Its a place where you spend a lot of time with intimate get-togethers, you want to feel comfortable relaxation and ultimately also want to impress guests. So the living room, not only needs to look great but needs to be functional and comfortable. Combining all three elements can be tricky, but we’ve got plenty of examples to inspire you. From modern and formal spaces to rustic environments.

A fashionable contemporary living room

Natural modular couches stealing centre stage. Not only does this sofa fill the space, but it also allows for maximum seating with the living room. The living room requires modern furniture to arouse harmonious look

From the wood motif accent wall, Mother Nature undoubtedly played a large role in inspiring this beautiful living room. The abundance of natural light beaming through the windows is fully the cherry on top of this striking design.

Tips for adding accessories in the living room

Choose cushions that have harmonious colours to the modern sofa. Box coffee table is a great icon for a contemporary living room. Hexagonal coffee table for a contemporary living room represents geometric tone. Compact shaped coffee table with a geometric accent is the perfect item to furnish the contemporary living room.

Add a contemporary fireplace

Feel the warm atmosphere in the living room by installing a contemporary fireplace. A contemporary fireplace is a piece of additional furniture for chic living room. Gas fireplace in modern flair is easy to set. With a modern gas fireplace, your living room will always be clean, bright and elegant. A gas fireplace is free from ash. The modern portable fireplace which can be installed on a coffee table, sideboard and any place is the best choice for a small living room. A gas fireplace is covered with glass, stone, marble, and stainless steel. Sophisticated LED TV must be available in the modern living room. It will entertain occupants who spend leisure time in a living room. LED TV set on the wall is equipped with the minimalist sideboard. You can use sideboard to store books or pretty ornaments. Abstract painting is perfect for modern living room decorating ideas.

Pendants  Lamps

To get wonderful visualization, hidden light is needed to install in the contemporary living room. Pendant lamps in the unusual design are appropriate to excellent contemporary living room ideas.

This rustic living room has no lack of windows or charm. The natural finished floor adds that rustic feel.

A minimalist living room accentuated by the natural light.

The rustic living room decor gives the room a welcoming feeling. The chest box center table and the painting complement the rest of the room.

Open rustic living room great for entertaining and quality family time.

If you have a small living room, best to make it cosy and make your guests feel at home. They won’t miss that bigger space.

A contemporary living room in the open-concept. The wide sliding screen makes it excellent room for entertaining special guests.

The small traditional cosy living room you can never go wrong. The matching floral and plain olive cushions which undoubtedly give it a home feeling. 

Unique olive living room with moderate cactus plants giving it a warm feeling. The wall paint, the curtains and the accessories are blending well with the living room.

Unevenly stacking books and log can be an excellent design. 

Beautiful rustic style living room

Awesome contemporary living room

Natural colours certainly have a great effect in the living room. You can never go wrong.